Declutter Your Stuff, Not the Memories

  To me, the hardest thing about decluttering is letting go of things that have memories attached. I want to hang on to that teeny, tiny Pooh Bear shirt I brought my newborn baby home in. I want to hang on to the little red wagon my son loved so much. By why? They are only things that get rusted and broken. The main reason we want to hold on to them is because they have treasured memories attached to them. Just recently we were cleaning and decluttering our storage building and my older son ... read more


Recipe Card Cover

FREE Christmas Recipe Cards – An MTM Must Have

It’s that time of year when we pack up Christmas cookie plates for our friends and neighbors. One way you can make your cookie plate extra special is by including your favorite recipe on a special Christmas recipe card! Download these Christmas recipe cards today, and share your favorite cookie, candy, or Christmas loaf recipe […]

Stepping into the homeschooling world can be a tad scary. Thankfully I have learned some awesome things and want to pass them along to you.

New To Homeschooling

I have always admired homeschooling families they look like they have it all put together and figured out. Up until recently we have always sent our oldest to public school while I stayed at home with the younger three because they were just to young to be sent yet. Due to different things going on […]