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Motherhood Season Change

Over my years as a parent I have seen many changes in both myself and my children. Together my husband and I have endured many struggles while on this roller coaster of  operation parenthood. I have shed many tears. On the flip side I have also had many great laughs and proud moments as well. As a mother this to is par for the course. After all no one said motherhood was going to be easy right? We are told that as long as we teach our children Biblical principles that we are doing what is expected of us. We also think when we enter … [Read More...]

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Motherhood Season Change

Over my years as a parent I have seen many changes in both myself and my children. Together my husband and I have endured many struggles while on this roller coaster of  operation parenthood. I have shed many tears. On the flip side I have also had many great laughs and proud moments as well. As a mother this to is par for the course. After all no … [Read More...]


The ABC’s of Motherhood ~ R is for Rested

A mother's work is never done. There is always at least one more thing she could be tackling at the end of her day. Yet, we can not always be busy, can't constantly be cleaning...this kind of life is not what God designed for mothers. We often lose sight of the greatest calling we have because there really is so much to do. Children are to be a … [Read More...]

Why do we keep our children home

Why do we keep our kids home?

You have heard it before: people who homeschool are weird and want to shelter their children. Guess what, that is TRUE!!!  We are different, set apart, from the rest.  I guess that would make us weird.  And, for us, yes, we want to shelter our children.  But not from what you may think. in 2010 when hubby and I decided to keep our … [Read More...]

Messy Summer #Science | themultitaskinmom.com

Messy Summer Science Activities

Summer is a great time to get outside! Go fly a kite. Hit the beach. Ride bikes around the neighborhood. Play hopscotch in the driveway. Sometimes, however, it is too hot to play outside. Sometimes, it rains, and the kids can't go outside. What is a momma to do on days when the kiddos can't go outside and play? How about some fun summer science! … [Read More...]

Horse Themed Stationary

Horse Themed Stationary

Intorducing something fun and new for the horse lovers out there. I have just put together a set of horse themed stationary.  Horse Themed Stationary is perfect for the horse enthusiest that either loves or hates writing.  If they love it they will be excited to get to work writing something new.  If they hate it they will be inspired by the … [Read More...]


Introducing the Build Your Bundle Sale

The "Build Your Bundle" - Homeschool Edition sale is here!For one week only (July 21-28) save up to 92% on bestselling homeschooling products, including MANY from Cathy Duffy's Top 100 list! Take a look at the bundles:  Charlotte Mason BundleThis bundle features complete curriculum using the Charlotte Mason Methods for … [Read More...]

WiseWomanPrayer RaisingBoysHomeschool.com

A Wise Woman’s Prayer

Can I be honest? Being a mom is hard. Add homeschooling, homemaking, and wifehood to the mix and sometime it feels downright impossible. I feel the energy leaving my body, the patience dwindling from my spirit, the peace in my mind seems absent, and my whole being screams out…"Everybody stop wanting ME. I quit." Then, my mind wanders to the … [Read More...]


I Am Taking The Challenge!

That does it! I am so overwhelmed, and  it's my computer's fault!!! Actually, it's my fault because of the amount of time I am spending on the computer. I can tell that I feel drained and stressed when I stay on the computer for hours at a time. I always feel so much better when I am away from the computer, even if it is to do something as … [Read More...]


Barrels of Blueberries! (A Round Up of Over 50 Recipes)

July is National Blueberry Month! The little tart and juicy fruits are in season and fresh for the picking.  I know that many families go out to pick your own farms to gather up buckets of berries to use in their own kitchens.  I thought I'd gather up a list of yummy blueberry recipes  to help give ideas on how to use them … [Read More...]

Chicken Enchilada Rice Skillet

Chicken Enchilada Rice Skillet

I love one dish meals. Chicken enchilada rice skillet is perfect for the summer because all you need to go with it is a salad and some chips and salsa. It is also a great weeknight supper because it can be made in about 30 minutes. Bite sized pieces of chicken are seasoned with a homemade spice blend and  cooked with chopped onions and … [Read More...]


The ABC’s of Motherhood ~ Q is for Quiet

One thing that almost all mothers want is a bit of quiet. What we often don't realize is that we must learn to be quiet ourselves in order to have the quiet we long for. A Quiet Mom is the Key to a Quiet Home Our homes reflect the state of mind and attitudes that we have as moms. If we live a stressed, rushed, depressed and/or angry life, our … [Read More...]


Build Your Bundle GIVEAWAY!

The first ever "Build Your Bundle" - Homeschool Edition sale is almost here! You can enter to win $100 towards your purchase to use when the sale goes live on 7-21-14! Enter now through 11:59PM EST on 7-20-14. The winner will be announced the day the sale starts! Be sure to look for the special coupon code you will get when you pin the … [Read More...]

Easy Cinnamon Rolls

Easy Cinnamon Rolls

My family loves cinnamon rolls but they seem to take a couple hours to prepare. As a result, I decided to try them out using canned biscuits. They are a big hit around our home! This photo alone shows how tasty they look! Hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Print Easy Cinnamon Rolls Author: Zan   These will keep in the … [Read More...]

Beach Fun Pack - FREE 30 pages of fun 2

New Fun Pack

With summer being here and the heat on the rise it is the perfect time to head to the back for some great memories and maybe some learning. Head over to Marriage Motherhood and Missions where you will find my exclusive Beach Fun Pack today.  It is perfect for  your elementary aged children.   … [Read More...]

Rainbow Loom For Arts

Rainbow Loom for Arts

It is holiday time. What do your kids do? How do they spend time? Do you have a summer vacation? Most parents get bussier when it is summer holiday. For homeschooling parents, there might not be any difference between summer and not summer as learning can happen anytime and in many different ways. For most homeschooling parents, whatever season it … [Read More...]

Keep your house cooler with a collection of recipes that don't use the oven. Main and side dishes as well as dessert ideas are included.

July Oven Free Printable Menu

Wow the June Oven Free Printable Menu was really popular. With that in mind I decided to make a July oven free printable menu as well . Included in this month's menu are 27 oven free main dish ideas as well as side dish suggestions. For your sweet tooth, I also added four desserts. One of the dessert recipe uses the oven to bake a cookie … [Read More...]


The ABC’s of Motherhood ~ P is for Playful

One of the things moms struggle to be is perhaps one of the most important qualities we should have and use daily. We get so caught up in our to do lists, activities, etc. that we forget to be playful. Somehow as we grow up we forget how to play and how truly important it is. Our kids love to play, it's what God designed them to do. Yet, often … [Read More...]