Musical Instruments Notebooking Pages

Are you looking to add music time to your homeschool day? Teaching your children about musical instruments is a great way to get started. You can teach them about how they sound, what songs they star in, and so much more! When  you add music into your homeschool you open up a door of possibilities […]

Butterfly Life Cycle

As spring approaches we start to look for signs of new life. One of the most exciting things to see is a butterfly. But how do butterflies go from a caterpillar to a butterfly? Your children will find out with this new pack that goes through the butterfly life cycle. Did you know that a […]

Sea Life PreK Math Pack

When children are given the chance to be excited about their school work, they are more apt to take part and soak up the material. That is why I try hard to work in a bit of fun in every lesson we do in our homeschool. Math is no exception. PreK math doesn’t have to […]

Solar System I Spy Game

Playing games with your children is a great way to get them learning without realizing they are learning. Add in learning about our solar system and you have a hit on your hands! Children love learning about things that are out of their reach, and that is part of why I think that learning about […]

Sermon Notes Journal

Do you need a better way to stay focused during sermons? Are you often distracted and find that you forget what you have learned during your church services? This is the perfect tool to help you not only stay focused but to get your thoughts organized and so much more! The brand new Sermon Notes […]

Starfish Facts Color and Copywork

Starfish are such interesting creatures to witness while at the beach. That is why I have included them in this easy to use color and copywork set! Did you know that the Startfish is not a fish at all. It has no fins or gills. It doesn’t even have eye-balls. There are many species of Starfish. […]

It’s All Presidential Coloring Book

Young children love to be included in school work. It is often times hard to find things that they can work on, though. If you can incorporate fun and learning, along side the lessons your older children are doing, you have gold! That is why I put together this It’s All Presidential Coloring Book. This […]

Sea Turtle Facts Color and Copywork

I truly hope you are enjoying our Sea Life Color and Copywork series! One of my favorite animals of all time is the sea turtle. They are right up there with a lion as far as I am concerned. They are so majestic and beautiful. I got to go to the aquarium this past summer […]

Swordfish Facts Color and Copywork

Our Sea Life Color and Copywork series has been so much fun. Today we are continuing with the Swordfish. I know that this is ridiculous. But, I have an unrealistic fear of Swordfish. I always vision them cutting through me when I am on the beach. Now, I have only ever been to the beach 4 […]

Squid Facts Color and Copywork

When you download a Color and Copywork pack it is my true desire that you get a product that your children love. That they learn something new and have fun doing it! That is why I am enjoying this sea life series so much! I know it has been a long series but I pray […]

Shark Facts Color and Copywork

Are you enjoying the sea themed color and copywork packs that we have put out so far? I hope that you are! Today we have a brand new installment. Shark Facts Color and Copywork The shark reminds me a lot of the lion. The top of the food chain in the sea, majestic, and mysterious! […]

Seahorse Facts Color and Copywork

When you are using Color and Copywork packs in your homeschool, it is important that your children are interested on the topic. That is why I have been working on these themed packs! The latest in our Sea Life Edition is the Seahorse Facts Color and Copywork set. In this pack your children will learn […]

Parrotfish Facts Color and Copywork

Our latest installment of our Sea Life Color and Copywork set is ready and you are going to love it! Picture this, you are walking on the beach in soft squishy sand and wondering. . . how is sand made? Well, I can tell you how! The Parrotfish eats coral and small objects from the […]

Octopus Facts Color and Copywork

The Octopus is arguably the smartest sea creature known to man. You must watch the videos of their ability to escape sticky situations. This color and copywork pack is the perfect tool to teach you all you need to know! It is intriguing to watch them use their tenticals like we use arms and fingers. Do […]

Orca Facts Color and Copywory

I have always wanted to go to Sea World to see the Shamu show. While I know that there are many reasons why this show should likely no longer be going, but to be so close to an orca! I would love to see it. Often times the orca is called a killer whale. That […]