Getting Back to Motherhood

Over the last year I’ve worked really hard online. I’ve written, tweeted, scheduled status updates, pinned like crazy and was blessed to get two VA positions to provide a bit of income for our family. It was quite a ride

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Sometimes finding family time can be hard. Even though it is hard don't give up. Instead just get creative.

Finding Family Time

With the New Year approaching everyone is thinking about goals that they wish to accomplish. We have all read the research that suggests all the great things that come from your family spending time together. Just a few benefits of

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Teaching Your Preschooler to Give Thanks fall activities for preschoolers

Teaching My Preschooler to Give Thanks

With Fall comes cooler winds and fantastic colours as well as Thanksgiving. J is my highly active, headstrong and curious preschooler. One of the things that I have included on her fall activities for preschoolers list is to be deliberately exposed

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Surviving Housework With Kids

If you have children you likely know how hard it is to get your housework done with them underfoot. I have been asked several times how it is I am able to get my housework done with all my children

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The Kelly’s Bundle of Joy

When I found out that a fellow blogger was looking to adopt soon and was hoping to raise funds to complete the process, I was honored to join in the effort.  You see, my dad was adopted at birth.  I

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Motherhood Season Change

Over my years as a parent I have seen many changes in both myself and my children. Together my husband and I have endured many struggles while on this roller coaster of  operation parenthood. I have shed many tears. On

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A Wise Woman’s Prayer

Can I be honest? Being a mom is hard. Add homeschooling, homemaking, and wifehood to the mix and sometime it feels downright impossible. I feel the energy leaving my body, the patience dwindling from my spirit, the peace in my

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I Am Taking The Challenge!

That does it! I am so overwhelmed, and  it’s my computer’s fault!!! Actually, it’s my fault because of the amount of time I am spending on the computer. I can tell that I feel drained and stressed when I stay

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Rainbow Loom for Arts

It is holiday time. What do your kids do? How do they spend time? Do you have a summer vacation? Most parents get bussier when it is summer holiday. For homeschooling parents, there might not be any difference between summer

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