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8 Things To Consider for The Summer Holiday

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8 Things To Consider for The Summer Holiday

It is almost the end of the academic year 2013-2014, but we have already finished all planning for this year. What does it mean? We can bee too fast or the planning is too less. When I am writing this post, I am waiting for the national exam for the elementary students started in a week later. I feel very nervous, indeed.

Well, I would like to ignore the nervous feeling at now and try to think holiday more positively. We don’t have any vacation during this summer. We save our money for a bigger family holiday On Christmas at the end of this year. Therefore, we think more about spending holiday at home or in local places.

Things to consider for the summer holiday:

  1. Budget you have for the summer. Your holidays should follow your budget priorities. Do you need to break your piggy bank or do you expect bigger holiday that need you to save more money?
  2. Your own work allocation. If you are a working at home mom (WAHM), how much time can you leave your work? It is different with doing homeschooling. Homeschooling is something more regular than holidays. You should also think about this with your husband. Will you involve hime as well in the summer holiday activities?
  3. Activities to fill in the holiday. Do you want to spend more time at home or do you want to go out more often? Do you have a vacation? Do you prefer mountain or beach? Hot or cold place?Here are some links of great activities for summer holidays that you might be able to adopt.150+ things to do in the Big Summer Holiday Summer Fun

    Summer from Spoonful

    50 Fun and Free Summer Activities for Kids (not all, I think)

    The Ultimate List of Summer Activities

    101 Summer Activities for Kids

    101 Almost Free Things To Do with Kids This Summer

  4. Don’t forget to think about food during the summer holidays. Kids usually will ask more food to eat during the holidays. It is worse when you have teenagers with the growing appetite. Collection of summer recipe is also needed.
  5. Do you consider summer classes during the holiday? Try to get more information about this.
  6. Is there any religious activities in church or Sunday school that occur during the holiday? This is also a good consideration. Our church usually has a bible camp during the summer, but this year we have a family retreat for 3 days in summer holidays.
  7. Staying in other family’s house is another option. Kids might learn how to leave more independently by staying their grandparents’s house during the summer holiday.
  8. Keep kids busy with their interest or any interesting activities during the holidays so that they won’t have time to feel bored. However, don’t get them too exhausted or they would want another holidays.

We have a set of Summer Holiday Planner that you might download in my blog. Please click the picture bellow to download:

Summer Holiday Planner MTM


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