Go for a hike and collect leaves and then create these fun leaf collages!

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Leaf Collages

When you think about fall time, what comes to mind? I think there are quite a few universal answers, but no one can argue with leaves being one of them! What else says FALL other than fallen leaves? This time of year is my favorite for a lot of reasons: nature walks, crisp air, cooler weather, and leaves, leaves, leaves! Why leaves, you ask? Because the possibilities are endless with kids.

This series holds more than 20 fun fall family ideas to add to your traditions!

Here’s a few to name:

  • Leaf Identification (my oldest son always wins)
  • Leaf Collecting (I always have the most types of leaves)
  • Leaf Jump (rake up a pile of leaves and jump)
  • Leaf Trampoline (dump a pile of leaves on the trampoline and jump, jump, jump)
  • Leaf Man (use large leaves and other parts of nature to create a face and limbs)

And the one I’m sharing today is LEAF COLLAGES.

Go for a hike and collect leaves and then create these fun leaf collages!

This is a very simple activity and if your children are older than 5 and you live in a house where you can sit in the backyard while they collect, explore, and have fun. Sit back and just enjoy watching them go. I give each of them a plastic bag and they run around the yard stuffing their bags with fallen leaves. I tell them to find as many “crunchy” ones as they can.

Once the bags are full, we head for the deck where the boys dump the leaves and begin the crumbling session. They try to crumble the leaves into smaller, finer pieces.

Next, we spread glue on our paper leaf and sprinkle the leaves over. You probably will not cover every inch of the paper leaf but it is quite funny to try. So go for it!

After it dries, laminate and cut it out for Fall Keepsake. Before, I laminate it I like to have my sons write their names and the date on the back. Oh, the memories.

Moms, I hope I added another fall activity to your fall season this year. Will you share some of your favorites with me? I need a few more to add to our list.

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You can find more fall family fun inspiration from the Fall Family Favorites Series here.



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