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Our 2013-2014 School Year Plans

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The school year is upon us!  I cannot believe how quickly the summer flew by.  We have been working on somethings here and there as we went through the summer months and are just now getting into the swing of things this school year.  Slow and steady wins the race, right?!  So that is just what we have been doing.  The kids are doing the basic 3R’s each day and I throw in some fun things for science, history, or art as we can until we are back on 100% school schedule.  For now I am letting them play outside and run off the morning energy before we start.  That has proved to be a good plan.  Once they have ran off the excess they are ready to get to business.  Wanna see what we are using this school year?

Our School Plans

S is in second grade (I know, I cannot believe it either!) and we are sticking with the eclectic style of schooling.  She will be using –

N is going into kindergarten this year.  He wanted to last year and we tried but he just wasn’t ready.  He is this year, though!!  He will be using –

The kids together will be doing these-

  • Bible – I want S to read us her story bible aloud.  It will help with her reading fluency and it will give the kids some extra bible knowledge.  We will also be doing extras like The Dig for Kids and Whats In The Bible?
  • Science – We found an old text book that hubby brought home when he was younger that is still relevant with fun experiments.  We will work that in with lapbooks and living science.
  • History – We will be using Heritage History and some living books.
  • Art – We will be using the See The Light DVD’s, Creating a Masterpiece DVD’s and other online resources.

We have plenty of other bits and pieces to tie in here and there and this is just a rough draft of my plan.  Things will change and we will change accordingly.

What are you using this year?

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