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“Put Some Sring in Your Cleaning Step”

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It has been a really cold, dark, and dreary winter! Even though it is springtime, the cold weather is probably not finished with most of us. I find it so hard to get in the mood to clean on days like these. All I really want to do is snuggle under a warm, soft blanket with a cup of hot tea and read all the books on my Kindle.
But recently I found something wonderful that has made me want to clean. Was it magic? No!
It was essential oils!!
I use essential oils in my homemade cleaners, but I discovered an extra benefit by accident. Instead of just using them to clean, I have started using them to lift my mood and make me excited to clean. The oils I was using put a spring in my step! Essential oils make me feel good!

My favorite essential oils that get me in a peppy cleaning mood:

  • Peppermint
  • Lemon: I love to mix this with Peppermint.
  • Rosemary: This is the newest oil I have found. It smells like Spring! It works great when mixed with lemon.

There are several ways that I have found to disperse essential oils throughout your home.

Put a few drops along with distilled water into a spray bottle.

  • Spray the air.
  • Spray the furniture.
  • Spray yourself.

Put a few drops along with olive oil in a wax burner. Plug in the wax burner as normal.

Put a few drops with distilled water in a diffuser.
Put a few drops with water and simmer on the stove.
Put a few drops in the washer when washing a load of clothes.
Put a few drops on a cloth or wool dryer ball and place in the dryer when drying your clothes.
You can find oils online and at health food stores. I have yet to find a brand of essential oils that I did not like.

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Sharla Orren has a BA in Sociology from Henderson State University. She loves homeschooling her two boys, ages 10 and 6. Her husband is the Youth and Family Minister at their church. She currently has her own blog, www.lookatwhatyouareseeing.com in which she writes about homeschooling, natural living, homemaking, and time management. She also serves as a storm spotter and data collector for The National Weather Service.

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