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Surviving the holidays with kids may seem impossible. Here are some helpful tips to do just that!!

Surviving The Holidays With Kids

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Something we seem to forget during the holiday seasons is how much they are actually supposed to be enjoyed. Sure they are never the picture of perfection that we think that they should be in our mind because well we set the bar way to high. So I am here offer you a few helpful ways make surviving the holidays with kids a bit more doable.

Are you wondering how you are going to survive the holiday season with your kids? Then this post is for you!!


Delegate the preparation tasks. When I had my first child I had my mind set on how things should look. We would all join in together for a huge meal there would be laughs and lots of enjoyment. What ended up happening every single time was that I was stuck in the kitchen and everyone else was having fun. I missed out on precious moments. So I learned a valuable lesson. Delegate the cooking among those who are attending and to set my bar a lot lower. Nothing is ever going to be what we picture in our minds. As mom’s we just need to learn to roll with the flow. The same as we do every other day. Delegating  tasks allows us to not stay in the kitchen the whole time and to enjoy in those special moments we want to be a part of.


Allow the kids to help. Now I know this sounds pretty simple but really it is the key to surviving the holiday’ s with kids.

  • Get them to make place cards
  • Allow them to make a centerpiece
  • Get them to help with making some of the food
  • Get them involved in the simple cleaning

This allows them to take on some of the ownership of the holiday and it also helps them channel some of that holiday energy into something productive. Again things will not be done perfectly but it will allow them to be a part of the preparation and it will build life long memories.


Make sure to keep track of your engagements. Family functions will be coming out of the wood work. Be sure to write them down. Personally I have to tell some family members no when I see that I am going to have more than two gatherings in one week. To much hopping around causes crabby kids which leads to even more crabby parents. So wrote down these gatherings on a calendar. We use the first come first serve thought. The ones that invite us first we commit to attending all others we simply say we can’t come. Does it make some people upset? Sure. However most completely understand.



Plan ahead as much as possible. Don’t wait till the day of to get all the cooking and cleaning done. Lots of things can be done before the day of an event. Do those things as early as possible. This will cut down on a lot of stress.


Make sure to take some time for yourself. Steal moments just for you. We need this time to recharge. This is something we should be doing all year but during the holiday season this is even more important. This is another reason why we need to have only one or two gatherings a week. Take time to take a bubble bath while the kids are asleep, pop in a movie or read a book. Just do something for you!!


Now I want to know what are some tips that you have for surviving the holidays with kids?

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Bridget has been married to her best friend for 13 years. They have 4 amazing and wild children. Bridget enjoys reading, writing and stealing stolen quiet moments to curl up to a good movie. Her goal is to inspire moms and wives to be the best that they can for the glory of God.

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