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3 Tips for Supporting Your Child’s Emotions

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When you signed up to be a parent you likely didn’t think about how you were going to handle the hard parts.

The parts of parenting that no one tells you about. Those things that are kept hush-hush, because no one wants to admit that it is a struggle.

I am talking about supporting your child’s emotions.

Our doe-eyed little ones did not come with an instruction manual. Wouldn’t it be nice if they did? We could open it up to page 154, go to paragraph 4 and know just how to handle the situation at hand. But nope! That is just not how this parenting gig works.

Instead we are forced to work day-in-and-out working on being a good parent. Teaching our children right from wrong. Keeping them from eating the paste. Then correcting them when they do, because they will!

Parenting is hard work!

But what do we do when those same doe-eyed cherubs turn into tyrants who need things “now!” and there is no talking them down? When they flail about on the floor in Target because you wouldn’t buy them that $2.99 sucker at the checkout. Or when you are driving down the road and things take a turn for melt-down city?

We have all been there.

Children are complex little beings who have no idea why they are feeling what they are feeling. All of their emotions spew out of them like a soda that we shook up too hard on the way to the table. Then they are expected to just handle it. To compose themselves as little ladies and gentlemen. Oh if only it worked that way!

Instead, it is our job as their parents to teach them not just to stop eating the paste, but how to handle the emotions that they are feeling. Plus we need to show them how to identify them! And I promise you it isn’t as hard as it sounds! I have teamed up with JD Educational to bring you 3 tips to help you support your child’s emotions and to show you about their new package Soothing SammyPLUS read to the end to enter our giveaway!

3 Tips for Supporting Your Child’s Emotions

1. Get to know your child

This may sound like a “duh I am trying that” piece of advice but hear me out! Have you taken the time to really sit down and get to know your child? Are you picking up on the cues they are giving when they are about to spew or act out?

Start watching your child’s behavior closely as they start to crumble. You will likely notice patterns and will be able to start heading some of these issues off before they even begin!

Often times our children are acting negatively to the environment in which they are placed. It could be that their senses are overloaded and they don’t know how to react. It could be that they are under-stimulated and need something to divert their attention.

Maybe your child can’t handle loud situations or bright rooms. Knowing these things helps you to create plans around their needs.

2. Follow their cues

This follows along with tip 1. Once you get to really know your child and their cues you will be much more better prepared to deal with their emotional state. If you know they are going to be in a stressful situation you can be equipped with toys, books, or other things to occupy them and keep their emotions stable.

Should you see that your child is about to have a melt-down or fall apart you will have a better reaction than punishment or threats.

3. Find ways to help them cope

Giving your children coping mechanisms is a great way to help them with their emotions. One of my favorite tools lately has been a new program called “Soothing Sammy.” This adorable plush dog and book set has been such an adorable tool to help me identify my children’s emotional needs and for them to work through them.

Having a physical product to use helps me have a hands on way to “show” my children not just talk to them. Children are such visual beings. They need the physical reassurance that Sammy gives.

Why we love Sammy

First of all, he is so stinkin’ cute! And he is getting an upgrade. His bandanna was tweaked a bit and he is even more adorable than the one pictured below.

What child doesn’t love cuddling up with a super plush toy that looks so cute?

We also love Sammy because it is more than just some cute toy. While he is such a selling point there is so much more.

I love the parent’s guide. This has been so helpful to me. Even though my children are a bit older than the ones this is written for, it has been so beneficial to our family.

I have learned how to better understand what my child is going through and how to help guide them through their emotions.

Lastly, the soft cover story book is fabulous! The illustrations, oh so beautiful! Just look…

See! Isn’t that beautiful. What child wouldn’t love curling up and reading this book with mom and dad, all while learning about their emotions. Win-win!

No matter the season you are in with parenting your child or their stage of development, you can benefit from Sammy and the products in this great bundle!

Teach your child simple, calm down techniques to use when they are mad/upset.

Sammy Set Includes:

  • Children’s Book
  • Parent Guide
  • One Plush Dog Toy w/ Green Bandana

Sammy, a golden retriever, teaches children simple, safe and positive calming strategies, giving them confidence to manage their emotions when they are mad/upset. Sammy illustrates how children can use their sensory system to calm down, preventing tantrums and redirecting emotional outbursts.

Sammy teaches children:

  • How to process emotions.
  • How to use your sensory system to calm down when upset.
  • How to communicate feelings. How to problem-solve.

Applying what is learned:

The children’s book, along with Sammy the plush dog and parent guide, create a complementary set of tools that supports your child’s emotional development. Your child will learn how to manage their emotions in a way they will understand, remember and implement. For children ages 2 through 10 years old.


From now until 3/16/18 at 11:59PM you can enter to win your very own Sammy set!

Don’t want to wait to see if you win? 

You can grab your copy of the Sammy bundle right now PLUS our friends at JD Educational are offering our readers a special discount! Save $5 when you use the code: MultiMom5 –

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