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3 Ways Homeschoolers Make Meal Planning Fun

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Welcome back to our Back to School Survival Series!  We are thrilled you are here.

One of my favorite aspects of homeschooling is the fun of learning “school” subjects while living real life. I always say that life is school. We’re always learning. Education is not limited to a textbook. And, honestly, the best learning usually comes from actually doing.

So, how do we incorporate it in?

We all have to eat, and meal planning for many is a struggle. It’s one more thing to do. But, what if we make meal planning a fun activity? Including our children in the meal planning process lightens our load, and gives them a necessary skill.

Three tips for homeschoolers to make meal planning more fun

Here are my top 3 Ways for Homeschoolers to Make Meal Planning Fun

1. Geography Meal Planning:

  • Each month, choose one country to highlight.
  • Once per week, make a new dish native to this country.
  • Hang a world map near your dining table, or use a shower curtain with a world map as your tablecloth. While eating, find the country on the map. Identify surrounding countries.
  • Make blank world map placemats by printing the maps and laminating them. Use a dry erase marker to fill in the countries, as you learn their locations.
  • Is there an equivalent food that you normally eat? Discuss how foods are indigenous to a certain area.
  • Dress in clothing from this country while you eat.
  • Research the meal customs from your chosen country.

2. Theme Meal Planning:

  • Color Menu – Plan a meal with all the foods of the same color. This will be a test to find a full meal’s worth of foods in the same color.
  • Alphabet Menu – Plan a meal with all the foods beginning with the same letter of the alphabet. For example, “S” menu could include steak, sweet potato, strawberries, string beans, and shakes.
  • Shape Menu – Plan your meal with all the foods of the same shape. The foods may be naturally this shape or you can cut them into the shape.

3. Elegant Meal Planning:

  •  Plan a four-course meal from start to finish.
  •  Learn about proper table setting.
  • Learn about fancy napkin folding.
  • Serve your meal in four courses- salad, soup, entree, dessert.
  •  Dress in your fanciest clothes.
  • Choose one person to be the server for the meal.
  • Learn how to properly serve a meal.
  • Learn proper etiquette while eating.

Think of the new knowledge your children will have from these fun meal planning ideas! You may just learn something yourself!

How do you make meal planning fun?

This post is part of the Back to Homeschool Survival Series by The Multi Taskin’ Mom.  It was written by my friend Laurie.

The Back to Homeschool Survival Series Hosted by MTM

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Growing up, Laurie’s dream was to become a wife and Mama. That dream came true over 25 years ago when she became the wife of Toby, her Honey. Thankfully, Laurie’s dream to become a Mama has also been fulfilled as they have been blessed with 5 children, aged 23 down to 13, with one already with Jesus. They have always been a homeschooling, homesteading family. Currently, they reside in Tennessee on a small (very small) grass-fed & finished beef farm, where they also are joined by 5 Miniature Dachshunds, 3 ducks, and 25 chickens.

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