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3 Ways to Make Home School Special for the Youngest Child

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Welcome back to our Back to School Survival Series!  We are thrilled you are here.

We all know that eventually homeschooling comes to an end.  What does that mean when we are down to just homeschooling one child?  How can we make it special for them? Keep reading because I have some ideas today that will inspire you to make it great.

This school year homeschooling is going to look DRASTICALLY different for our family.

After having four children in our homeschool for many years we are now down to just one.  My older three have graduated and moved on to “adulting” activities.  Two are now in college and one has graduated from college, is married and gainfully employed.

Learn how you can make homeschool special for your youngest student

So my youngest and I are starting his high school course work this year.  In a way, it is sad because it is an ending for me.  I only have four more years of teaching in our home but it is just the beginning for him.

Making it special

I want to make the next four years as special for my youngest child as it was for my older three.  It will not be the same because I won’t be including multiple kids any lessons or activities but it can still be awesome for him!

It would be so easy to coast these last four years and not put as much effort into tailoring the lessons to be exactly what my son needs.  But honestly that isn’t fair and would be lazy on my part.  So I’ve been brainstorming ways that I can put a little extra in my planning so that it is fun, exciting and special for this last child who will go through our homeschool.

 3 ways to make homeschool lessons special for the youngest

  1. Do things differently

In the past, we’ve had routines that included quiet time, group studying, structured and unstructured learning and weekly lessons outside the home.  This year will be very different with lessons just for one.

Instead of being sad about the change we are going to embrace it and use the time to do things that we’ve never done before (or not done often enough).  My son has an interest in computer programing so we are investigating an online class for him since I have little knowledge in that area.  He’s played games online but never studied programing language.

This does several things.

  • It offers individualized learning in an area of interest
  • Will provide interaction with a different teacher than “mom” which is a great thing to start doing in high school!
  • And has “real” life learning as computers are everywhere
  1. Special trips

As my kids have gotten older we haven’t done as many field trips.  There is more book learning that is required as they get older and it is easy to skip the days were we go places away from home to learn.  And a trip to the post office or pumpkin farm just doesn’t hold the same appeal to a teen as it did a six year old.  I am working on a list of field trips that are close by but informational to a high school student.  I’m also going to make sure that we include some fun trips to the ice cream store after normal errands or lessons.  That always makes everyone happy!

Ideas for High School field trips

  • Government Buildings
  • Historical Sites
  • Performances—concerts, plays, etc
  • Job shadowing or touring businesses in area of interest
  • Virtual Field Trips—famous places out of our country ie Great Wall, the Pyramids, Mount Everest, etc
  • College Campus
  • Sporting Event
  1. Co-Op Time with others

Since there won’t be a lot of socializing with siblings during school hours, we will be doing some coop time with friends.  This year for science we are doing biology.  So when the time comes for dissections, I will invite a few friends to come “enjoy” the experience with my son.  Hubby handles that subject and does a great job teaching and keeping the chaos of the slicing and dicing of the deceased animal focused on learning.  Biology daddy style is one of our kids favorite things about high school.

One of our goals for our high school kids is to experience instruction from “other” teachers each year.  Not much of this happens pre-high school except for piano lessons for our kids.  But as they get closer to the transition to college or working outside the home, we see some very positive benefits to taking classes from other “experts.”  It also provides some social time with other students which all of our children have enjoyed!

These are the three main ways I will be using to make homeschooling special for our youngest child.  I’m sure there are other awesome ways to keep school “fun” and interesting.

What are some of your ideas?  I would love to hear what creative methods that you’ve used in your home school as you have schooled the youngest child!

This post is part of the Back to Homeschool Survival Series by The Multi Taskin’ Mom.  It was written by my friend Kim.

The Back to Homeschool Survival Series Hosted by MTM

Get to know Kim:

Fall15 copy Kim blogs at Day to Day Adventures. She is a mom of 4, wife, lover of Jesus, sunshine, children and gardens, reader, memory keeper and crafter.  You will find JOY on her blog as she shares about day to day life for her family as they work to be organized, grow and make their favorite foods and learn through home schooling.  You can find her at Day to Day Adventures or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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