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4 Reasons to Rethink Your History Curriculum

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If you have been homeschooling for any length of time, you know that teaching history can be boring.

Am I right?

Well, today I am going to give you 4 reasons why I think you need to rethink your history curriculum, and tell you about something I think you’ll love! We have teamed up with a new-to-us publisher to bring you a new curriculum for teaching history. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Your kids just aren’t interested.

Let’s be honest here, can we? Teaching something to children who are not interested in what we are teaching is a battle. I am not one to fight battles that I know I likely won’t win.

When it comes to homeschooling my children, I want to pique their interests and keep their attention. When I do I know that they will be like sponges and soak it up.

So, if your children are not interested in the history curricula you are using you may want to consider switching things up!

2. It doesn’t match the way your children learn.

Each child learns differently. The sooner we accept this the sooner our homeschool journey will be peaceful.

When we try to teach our hands-on child by using literature based units, they will likely be bored and stop working. The same can be said of a child who soaks up book after book. If we try to force them to stop reading about history and create a lapbook it could end in tears.

I encourage you to spend time figuring out how your children learn best and try to cater their lessons more toward their learning style.

3. It doesn’t match the way you teach.

There is nothing more frustrating for some moms than having to cut, copy, and paste things into lapbooks. It is tedious work and isn’t for everyone.

I, personally, do not enjoy sitting down to read a boring dry text book to my children. We are all very visual and do better with graphic books, hands-on projects, or even well made documentaries.

If you are trying to make your history curricula work for you but you do not enjoy how it is presented, how do you think your children will respond?

4. It is complicated or poorly created.

Some history curricula just aren’t made well. There, I said it! We have used some in the past. They have lessons that skip around from this part of history to that with no linear way of learning. They are poorly created and you can tell not a lot of thought went into how they would be used.

That is the worst, isn’t it? Buying something you just think you will love only to find out that it wasn’t worth the cash you dropped on it.

If that is the case you may want to reconsider what you are using for your history curriculum.

How can you change things up?

Now that you know whether or not you should change up your history curricula, I want to introduce you to something that I think would solve all 4 problems I listed above.

This is brand new to me and my family and so far we love it!

Every time we have used a history curriculum it is set out for a particular time period. Not this! This is for one specific area of the United States: Alaska! And it has been so fun to learn about this great state.

Aunt Phil’s Trunk is a fabulous new-to-us history curriculum, unlike anything we have used before.

While we still love our history from, The Good and The Beautiful, we really enjoyed shifting to this for several weeks and look forward to working through it more in the future.

Aunt Phil’s Trunk is so interesting because it takes magazine and newspaper clippings from Alaskan historian, Phyllis Downing Carlson, and puts them into wonderful text books.

These are not your typical text books, oh no! They include stunning pictures, interesting stories, and so much history.

Your children will learn about the war between Russia and the native Alaskan people. They will learn about how American heros from the lower 48 traveled north to settle and live out their last days. They will learn about the gold rush and how it turned some of Alaska into a ghost town.

The stories we went through kept my children’s interest far after the lesson was done. They wanted to research more about the people and places we had discussed and even grab other books based on those things. For me, that is a huge win!

Does it work for us?

So, you are probably thinking… “Stephanie, your children are visual, how does this work for you?” I am so glad you asked!

The books are packed with photos, comprehension questions, and so many fun activities!

The photos…. stunning –

See, stunning! These photos help the stories come to life. Even I wanted to keep going to learn more!

Get yours!

I am so excited to tell you that right now  you can get the Gold Nugget Special, 3 book bundle, at a great discount!

Use coupon code: Homesteader to take $15 off your order making it $50 PLUS free shipping. Find them HERE

Your children will be interested, they will learn, and you will enjoy teaching!

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