5 Ideas for organizing your curriculum for your homeschooling

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5 Ideas for Organizing Your Curriculum

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Hey there, friend! I know you well.  You are here because you are piled sky high with homeschool curriculum and have no idea how in the world to organize it.

Guess what.  I have some ideas for you that I think will really help.

5 Ideas for organizing your homeschool curriculum!

5 Ideas for Organizing Your Curriculum

When starting the homeschool journey we make it a priority to buy the curriculum that will benefit our children throughout the year.  Some of us may even have some hoarding tendencies where curriculum is concerned ::raises hand::

The curriculum we accumulate, while great resources for our children, can get out of hand very quickly.  You may find that you are running out of ideas and creativity where storage is concerned.  Try some of these ideas.

1. Shelves

Don’t roll your eyes at me yet.  Of course you are using shelves to organize your curriculum.  But are you using them to their full potential?  I bet not! Try this…

  • Sort books by grade level with one grade per shelf
  • Sort books by child with one child having their own shelf
  • Organize the books by subject

2. Workboxes

This is one of my very favorite ways to organize our curriculum.  Why? Because I can separate it out really well.  I use THIS cart and this is how I use it…

  • The left side of the cart is for my daughter and the left side for my son. This is great to have their work divided.
  • The top drawer houses their student planner.
  • Next I have everything they need for the lesson in each drawer below. That gives a space for math, reading, writing, etc…
  • It is the same subject on each level just to keep my sanity
  • I keep teachers books on top of the workboxes in a plastic bin

3. Bins / Boxes

This is a great alternative to the workbox system mentioned above.  Instead of having everything in a rolling cart like we do you would just organize all of the curriculum per student and put it in their own bin. I would store the bins on shelves or boxes.  You can have an extra bin for papers that need to be graded/filed/sorted.  If I hadn’t invested in the rolling cart this would be what we would be doing for sure!  I am a HUGE fan of having the curriculum organized by child in an easy way for them to grab and go.

4. Drawers

If you have limited space it is a good idea to use what you have around.  Using a dresser or even some drawers in your kitchen could be a great and easy way to get your curriculum organized.  The system that you use to keep the books separated will vary based on the size of the drawers you are using but it would be a super way to keep clutter out of front and center.

5. Baskets

Much like bins and boxes, baskets are a great way storage system.  The best part is that you likely have baskets laying around your home that you could re-purpose just for this.  Sort the curriculum by child, subject, grade, whatever works, and then label them accordingly.  You can put the baskets on shelves, beside chairs, or even tucked under beds, to keep clutter at a minimum.

There you have it! My top 5 ways to organize your curriculum.

But, what about your digital curriculum?  Do you need help organizing that?  I have a digital curriculum organizer you should grab up!

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