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5 Reasons Homeschool Conventions are Beneficial

Hi, friend! I am so glad you have joined me today.

When you started your homeschool journey I bet you didn’t think about how it would change your friendships, marriage, and lifestyle.  I know that when I started out I felt so alone and like no one understood my excitement, fears, disappointments, and struggles.

Today I want to talk to you about how homeschool conventions can be beneficial to your homeschooling journey!

Make sure to read all the way to the end because I have teamed up with Great Homeschool Conventions to bring you a giveaway to their convention.

Deciding to homeschool your child is likely one of the biggest parenting decisions you will ever make.  Each day you will question if you have decided to do the right thing.

You will find yourself laying in bed at night with questions swirling through your mind. Will you teach enough? What if they don’t learn what they need to? Will they stay on schedule or will they fall behind?  Can they still attend college?  What about a diploma?

If you live in an area where there aren’t many other homeschooling families you may find it hard to find people who relate to the doubts and fears that you have.

Reasons Homeschool Conventions are Beneficial


1. Meet like-minded people

Having a community of like-minded people around you through your homeschooling journey can either make or break you.  It is so hard to find the support system you need to help get you through when you are struggling.  That is why this is #1 on my list!

When you are able to attend a homeschool convention you will be surrounded by homeschoolers!  Every single family that is there is either already a homeschool family, thinking about becoming a homeschool family, or they are homeschool veterans!  This is the perfect time to mingle, chat, discuss, and most importantly introduce yourself to others.  If you are an introvert like myself you may find it hard to just strike up conversation with strangers.

The easiest way to engage with people you don’t know is in awkward situations… waiting in line, for instance.  No one likes having to wait in line.  So say hello to the mom behind you and ask her about her journey thus far.  Maybe she lives close to you or knows of a homeschool co-op or group you could join in!  That is just one way to introduce yourself.

2. Glean wisdom from speakers

One of the biggest draws to homeschool conventions is the homeschool speakers. When learning of a convention near you find out who the speakers are.  Do some research on what they will be discussing and make a list of ways their discussions would be beneficial to you and your homeschool journey.

Before my first homeschool convention I made a list of every single class I wanted to attend and then made a schedule that was very detailed so I would know just when and where to be.  I took notes, lots of notes, and came away feeling so refreshed.

3. Meet homeschool bloggers you follow

If you are reading my blog you most likely read other homeschooling blogs as well.  Did you know that tons of the authors of those blogs will be attending the conventions!  Keep your eyes peeled for them as you go from booth to booth and make sure to introduce yourself to them.

4. Touch and see curriculum before buying

Homeschool conventions have a lovely thing called a vendor hall!!!  Oh how I love the vendor hall.  I am such a curriculum hoarder so I really have to pace myself and keep myself on a tight budget when entering!  Take time in the vendor hall to go from booth to booth.

Explore curriculum you have thought about purchasing and learn about other products you may have never thought about trying.  You will find great prices, get to meet the publishers, and see first hand if the curriculum will work for you or not.

5. Rest from “normal”

One of the greatest parts of homeschool conventions is that you can turn it into a family vacation.  Spend that time to take a rest from your normal day-to-day life.  You will walk away refreshed and ready to start your journey!

Want to go to a homeschool convention for free?

The Homeschool Event of the Year

Great Homeschool Conventions is ready for 2017!

We are giving away a family registration and up to four special event tickets to each special event offered at the convention you are attending.

A family registration covers you, your spouse, children/teens, and their grandparents to hear the workshops and shop the exhibit hall for all three days of the convention.

The 2017 dates and locations are:

  • TEXAS Homeschool Convention, Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX – February 23-25, 2017
  • SOUTHEAST Homeschool Convention, TD Convention Center, Greenville, SC, March 16-18, 2017
  • MIDWEST Homeschool Convention, Duke Energy Convention Center, Cincinnati, OH, April 20 – 22, 2017
  • CALIFORNIA Homeschool Convention, Ontario Convention Center, Ontario, CA, June 15 – 17, 2017

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