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5 Reasons You Should Continue Homeschooling During Summer

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When you decided to embark on the homeschool journey, did you think much about the days of the year you would be doing school work?

In fact, I am betting that most of us, myself included, thought it would be easiest to keep up with the public school calendar.

After all, they must have it all worked out and right. They have been using it for decades. Right?

Let’s think about this for a minute . . .

When public schools were first brought about it was during a time where children were needed at home to work on their farms and in fields. This meant that children often attended school during the colder months of the year. This allowed children to be home when they were most needed, during planting and harvest seasons.

I don’t know about you but most of the children I know do not have the added responsibility of helping on their families farms. Therefore we must question why those months are still needed to be taken off from education.

Do not misread what I am saying. I do not, I repeat do NOT think that children should be working on their academics 7 days a week, 12 months a year. Instead I think that we, as homeschoolers, should be taking full advantage of the entire year. We have no real reason to take months or big chunks of time off during the school year. Therefore, I decided years ago that my family would homeschool year round, especially during the summer.

5 Reasons Your Should Continue Homeschooling During the Summer:

1. There is less chance of learning loss.

Children are far more apt to lose the knowledge they have learned during big breaks during the school year. That is why it is important to me and my family that we do not take more than 2-3 weeks off from our formal learning time.  Even if children are only required to do math drills and work on reading, it is important for them to keep the concepts that they worked so hard on fresh in their minds. Their little brains are like sponges and we do not want to lose anything they have absorbed.

Isn’t that a depressing thought? That we have worked so hard for months and months only to have our children forget half of what they did know!

2. No listening to “I am bored” 900 times a day!

Seriously that phrase is probably one of my least favorite phrases I have ever heard. My son likes to put that phrase on repeat when he is allowed large breaks of “free time.” When do do not take the summer off from our formal learning my children have far less time to be bored. Instead we spend the days working on new science experiments, learning about other cultures, and creating fun lapbooks! Who could possibly be bored when there is so much fun learning going on?

3. You have time to try new types of learning.

The summer allows you a golden opportunity to try out new types and styles of learning. Take this time to try lapbooking for the first time! Break open a new science curriculum with fun experiments. The weather is warm so that means you can take all of the mess out of doors and not have to worry about it in the house. Going on vacation? No problem, check out an audio book from the library and listen to it on the road.

You may find that these new things are how you teach best or how your children learn best. Wouldn’t it be great to find an easier/better way of doing school? (think less tears!)

4. Try some Child-Led ideas.

Summer is the perfect time to let your child pick a new area of study. You can take a break from the big heavy learning and have some fun. Maybe they want to learn about bug or the solar system? Maybe your children want to create a lapbook on horses or a notebook study on the presidents. Spend some time allowing them to take the lead on their learning and see where it takes you. Who knows, maybe this will be the time they decide what they want to do with the rest of their life!

5. Fill in some gaps your child may have.

Now that you aren’t so concerned with the big load of the school year, take the summer to fill in gaps you may have noticed. Your child may need help memorizing their multiplication facts. Maybe they need to spend extra time diagramming sentences (why do we teach this, I am 34 and have not once diagrammed a sentence in my entire adult life!) They may need to spend some extra time on reading skills.

No matter what the gaps you may find your child having, this is the perfect time to fill them!

Have fun!

Remember, you decided to homeschool your child for a reason. I am sure that it wasn’t to keep them busy at the table for 8 hours a day. Spend time getting to know your children and what they are passionate about and have fun while learning together this summer!



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