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5 Things I am doing to become a better mom

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I wear many, many hats. Some days it seems as though I am working for everyone but my family. It is hard and very overwhelming. I am sure that you can relate. I wanted to share with you 5 things that I am doing to become a better mom.

5 Things I am doing to become a better mom

  • Watching the tone and the volume of my voice. – I am a yeller by nature. I don’t like that about myself but it is true. I am working very hard to stop yelling and start loving. It is important to me that my children remember me as being fun and loving not uptight and bossy.
  • Taking time out of the day for myself. – This may seem counter intuitive but if I am not recharging myself then there is nothing left of me to give. I do not make this a big deal. This time can consist of reading before bed, painting my toe nails, or getting up a few extra minutes early to exercise (I don’t do that one near enough.)
  • Listening more and talking less. – Who doesn’t like feeling heard? I have realized that I do not do a very good job of listening to my children. Sure I hear them when they talk but I am usually not listening. I am making it a point to engage with them and listen more.
  • Being a better wife. – My children must see me loving their father. It is very important that they know that he is my best friend. That he and I have a strong relationship. I think that this will help my children feel more secure with not only me but also in their role in the family.
  • PRAYING – That one may seem like a no-brainer but I am trying to become more intentional about praying for and with my children. I am praying specifically for and over them. Praying for the desires of their hearts as well as the conditions of them.

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