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5 Tips to Love Your Life as a Wife

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I love being a wife. When my husband has to go to work, I don’t like it. I often don’t see him for 2-3 days and I miss him terribly when he is gone. I work really hard to get ahead with everything I’m responsible for while he is gone, so that I can enjoy more time with him when he is home.

Yet, there are days when I wonder what it would be like to watch a romantic chick flick sitting on the couch alone, cook exactly what I want for dinner, take time to get ready at my own pace, etc. Then I remember that I don’t like being alone. After all, talking to yourself isn’t really that much fun and if you ask my besties they’ll tell you that I love to talk!

5 Tips on how you can love your life as a wife again 2

I haven’t always loved being a wife. In fact, there have been many days that I didn’t want to be a wife at all. My marriage was a mess and I didn’t even want to see my husband. So, if that resembles where you are, know that I’ve been there too. You don’t have to stay there though, you can get to the place where you love being a wife. It is possible, but it is going to require that you make some changes to your life, your outlook and your day to day schedule.

How to Love Your Life as a Wife

  • Remember that you were created for this. 

God knew that man shouldn’t live life alone and thus neither should we since weren’t created first or alone. Woman was created FOR man and we need each other.

This is NOT always easy, but when you spend time praying for your husband God will work on you, your heart for your husband, your husband and your marriage. Don’t neglect taking the time to pray for your husband, prayer can work miracles!

  •  Remember all the things that you love about your husband. 

If you need to think back to when you were dating or early in your marriage, take the time to do so. Make a list of what you love about him and start telling him occasionally the things that you love about him.

  • Make time for your husband. 

As a wife there are many responsibilities that we have to take care of throughout the day. You need to ensure that you stop doing and just enjoy time together with your husband. He must be a priority over laundry, dishes, tidying the house, online work, etc.

  • Remember what your husband loves about you. 

People change over the years, but often it isn’t because they do so intentionally, life just changes us. Think about what your husband loves about you, look back on your dating years, what did he love about you then? In your early married years, what did you do that made his day when he came home from work? You can help put the spark back into your marriage by being the woman your husband fell in love with again.

I love being married to my best friend and look forward to spending the rest of my life with him. Marriage is beautiful and I am thankful that God gave us the gift of marriage.

What do you love about being a wife?

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