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5 Ways to be Intentional With Your Summer

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Summer is here- and it can be a great time for families.

Vacations, extra time at home, a slower pace of life- all of these things lend to great family time!

Sometimes, though, we waste our summer months because we are not intentional with them. Here are 5 ways to be intentional with your summer.

5 Ways to be Intentional With Your Summer

5 Smart Ways to be Intentional With Your Summer

Make a Plan

I love a  good plan. I am a type A personality, and sometimes, that gets on my families nerves. However, they will admit that my planner personality helps us all to be a little more organized and have a good time.

Take some time to look at your calendar for the summer. Make a priority list of things that need to happen, like vacations, summer projects and even summer school assignments. Write those things in first. Then, make a list of things you would like to do – and prioritize it. Write those things in. Make sure you plan – yes plan – for lazy days too. Days you are not going to do anything, but just chill in your pj’s or hang out at the pool. Then, don’t say yes to anything on those days.

Be Productive

Yes, I did say to be productive with your summer. Make sure your kids are signed up for a good reading program at a local library. Plan some fun field trip type days to museums or the local zoo where the kids brains are active – and yet they are still having fun!

Be Missional

Plan to do some things as a family that help reach out to others. Use these months to teach our kids to look out for others and the great commission. Some great ideas would be serving in a soup kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, or even doing yard work or taking water to a local park.

Teach Character

Summer is a great time to work on character qualities with your kids. School work is done (or slower) and so this is a great time to focus on some great character building activities

Be Present

Yes, Mama. It is time to put down the cell phone, step away from the computer and get your nose out of your book. Take time to make memories. This year, I realize I have just a few summers left with my oldest child before she is busy getting ready to go off to college.

Really, it goes so quick. You blink and they are driving – and no longer are they tied (as much!) to where you are taking them. Make sure you take time and make memories. One thing we are doing this summer is working on scrap books together – just to be together.

I hope these 5 ideas will really help you be intentional with your summer. It is a wonderful time for family bonding- don’t let it slip you by!

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