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5 Ways to Reclaim Spring as a Season of Joy

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Spring is such a slam packed season in our home. School is still going full force for us, the garden needs constant care, the unlimited family gatherings that seem to be happening and let’s not forget all our normal activities.

It is so easy to forget to simply enjoy the season, because frankly I am so busy running around trying to get everything done!

Recently I began to notice something about myself. I was allowing my workload to not only effect me but to effect my family. Sadly, this self-observation was noticed by my husband long before I even noticed it was happening. Once again I was allowing perfectionism to consume me and instead of enjoying this wonderful Spring season I was allowing the workload to consume me.Five ways for you to reclaim spring as a season of JOY

[Tweet “Spring a time of growth and rebirth was actually causing me to fall into a state of depression.”]

It was during a long talk with my husband and an even longer talk with my children that I realized that something had to change. Either we all needed to work together on all the various projects or we were going to have to scale back on everything. After all, my mood was carried over to everyone else in the home and we were on a straight path for destruction.

I realized:

  • I am only one piece of our families dynamic puzzle. 
  • I cannot do all the work in our home. 
  • We had to set limits. 
  • We all had to take ownership of the things going on in our home. 
  • I had to shed my perfectionism so that I could enjoy motherhood. 

Mama’s- We cannot allow our perfectionist hang ups rob us of our joy. We cannot allow it to cripple our children because we refuse to pass on responsibilities. We most certainly cannot allow it to cause friction in our marriages because we simply don’t want to admit that we need help balancing it all.

Instead, let’s reclaim Spring as a joyful season.

  1. Speak with your family about what you need from them: A  lot of times our husbands and our children simply think that we have it all under control. Honestly, half the time we think we have it under control as well. The fact is they need to know that we need them.
  2. Check your priorities: Talk with your husband about all the various activities you have going on this Spring. Decide together which are the most important and then focus on those things and focus on doing them well. Nothing steals our joy quicker than having an overbooked schedule.
  3. Make sure you are taking some downtime: We as a family decided I need at least 30s of some sort of mommy time a day. This can be my devotional time in the mornings, taking a walk around our neighborhood, taking a long bath that night or simply reading in bed after all the kids are down. The point is as a mom we have to take the time to recharge ourselves. It’s easy to say that our schedule just won’t allow it but if you as a family make it a priority it will in fact happen.
  4. Teach your children how to do the day-to-day tasks and then let them take charge: Our kids can handle a lot of household tasks if we are willing to show them how to do it and then simply let the do it. Our oldest has recently taken over lunchtime cooking. This has been amazing to me and has freed me to be able to do something else that needs my attention. This doesn’t mean that some of the lunches haven’t been … umm interesting, however, he is learning and I am learning to let go.
  5. Release the need for perfection: Our lives are never going to be picture perfect. Our kids are never going to do the chores the exact way that we do them. Our schedules will not always be followed to a T and that is simply OK. In the grand scheme of life, none of this truly matters. What does matter is that our kids know that their mom enjoyed being their mom and that their mom was available to make memories.


Until Next Time Just Keep Soaring 4 Him,


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