5 Ways to Reset a Bad Homeschooling Day

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Have you ever had a bad homeschooling day in which you just wanted to press a reset button? I know we’ve ALL had days like that where we quietly wished for the day to end soon so you can start fresh the very next day. I have some tips that will show you just how you can do that!

As mothers and homeschoolers, it’s hard when we’ve had a bad homeschooling day. We might not know what to do or how to correct the problem. At the end of the day we may feel like we have failed ourselves or our children because of the way we may have handled the situation.

Five Ways You Can Reset a Bad Homeschool Day

No matter what season you are in we will have bad homeschooling days. It is the way that we respond that will make a world of difference on how your day will continue. It is possible to overcome any bad homeschooling day. We can turn those bad homeschooling days into a blessing!

I want to share what I have done when I’ve had a bad homeschooling day.

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Seriously! You can salvage this bad day!

Believe it or not you don’t have to sit in a bad homeschool day.  Here are 5 ways for you to reset them.  Stay tuned because after this we are going to show you how you can create your own list for resetting a bad day.you-do-not-have-to-sit-in-a-bad-day

5 Ways to Reset a Bad Homeschooling Day

1. Get some fresh air

There is something about going outside and interacting with nature that calms us down. When you go outside let your children run off some steam. They will get some exercise while you relax and try to gather yourself. I do encourage you to play with your children. You will see how excited they will get to see their mother playing with them. Also, you can set up some games. Go for a walk. Bring out your nature journals and draw what you see. Have them collect nature items as well.

2. Watch a movie

Pick a movie that everyone would enjoy watching. Gather the kids, some snacks and drinks and snuggle on the bed, the couch or on the floor. After the movie is finished have a discussion about what the movie was about. Who was their favorite character and why? Talk about the conflict and how they would have handled it. Talk about the ending or any part of the movie that you would like to talk about.

3. Have poetry teatime

Have your children help set up the table. After the table is set have your children help you gather the books, snacks, and the drinks. Pick out a poetry book(s), your current re-aloud book, have your younger children pick out a picture book(s) and gather some snacks and preferred drinks. Sit down and enjoy spending time together.

4. Have an activity day

Sit down with your children and come up with three or more activities that they all can participate in. When the list is complete you can set up the order that it will be done. Have fun and enjoy!

5. Have a follow your interest day

This is when your children can pursue their interests. It can be working on a Lego creation, or a painting, a puzzle, etc.. Then set a time where you will go around and spend 10-15 minutes with each child if possible. Provide them with your full attention and take part in what they are doing.

These are great ideas but you should make a list for yourself!

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Creating Your Own Reset List for a Bad Homeschooling Day

I encourage you to sit down when you have the time and think of writing your own reset list. Think of things that your family enjoys doing together. Get your children’s input regarding the list. So when you do have to press that reset button you are ready to go.

Homeschooling is more than just completing the daily lessons it’s also about building solid relationships with each other. It is important to get along with each other so you can have smooth homeschooling days.

It is important to focus on your relationship with your children first instead of trying to get the daily lessons done. Many times there is something else going on and we need to find out what that may be. The lessons will always get done but your relationship with your children can get strained. When you spend time as a family without the stress of needing to complete the lessons for the day or when everything around you is falling apart, that is when you turn your bad homeschooling day into a blessing.

This post is part of the Back to Homeschool Series by The Multi Taskin’ Mom.  It was written by my friend Jessica.

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