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9 Things for kids to do on a sick day

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Have you had any sick days yet this year?

My son was home sick from school today. It’s that time of year and the germs appear to be in high gear. So I thought I’d share some things that helped the day be a little more pleasant for him while he rested.



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1. Listen to audiobooks

Thank goodness we had a stack of these from the library. When a kid doesn’t want to be up and playing, a good audiobook can occupy many hours.

2. Play a game from the couch

If your patient isn’t too sick, he might enjoy a friendly game of Go-Fish or Memory from his bed on the couch. The slower pace of sick days can be a nice time to reconnect with your child. You’re not going anywhere and all but the essentials have been put on hold. Why not take advantage of that time and enjoy a little extra quality time?

Drink lots of tea and chicken soup

My son was constantly cold today and herbal tea and chicken soup were comforting as well as nourishing. (Here’s an easy trick to make a gallon of herbal tea.)

3. Read aloud

We don’t have hours to read aloud on most days but on sick days, the time is limited only by how long mom’s voice lasts. I took the opportunity to start Little House in the Big Woods. My son and his 3 year old brother were enthralled. Here are some of our other favorite read-alouds.

4. Take a nap

Sick days and naps go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you’ve had the TV on all morning, make sure it gets turned off at some point and everyone has some quiet time.

5. Take your elderberry syrup

Elderberry syrup is highly effective at helping people recover more quickly from illness.

6. Take a bath.

Ahh – so refreshing and relaxing for sick kids.

8. Watch Netflix

It’s probably inevitable that the TV will be on at some point. We don’t watch much TV but on sick days, the rules are different.

9. Diffuse germ-fighting oils

Besides the elderberry syrup, this is my biggest defense against sickness. We diffuse a germ-fighting blend like Thieves. A drop of lemon oil rubbed on the neck perks up restless kids. A drop of lavender on the pillow helps them drop off to sleep.

Thanks goodness my son seems to be on the mend now.

Next week we’ll be back to our usual whirlwind of activity. This quieter day hasn’t been all bad.

What things do you do to make sick days more pleasant?

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