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The ABC’s of Motherhood ~ O is for Optimistic

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No matter what stage of the motherhood journey you are in, there are times that it is just plain hard. The childhood dreams you had of being a great mom and having fun all the time with your kids…they’ve all disappeared. In their place you find yourself struggling to make it through the difficult and frustrating times…while trying to remember the fun and good times you’ve had in the past…and remind yourself that they will come again.

What Does Optimistic Mean?

It’s easy to tell moms that they need to be something, but unless they understand what it is and why it is important, they tend to feel like it’s unimportant due to the pile of other things they need to be and do. Being optimistic will have a huge impact on both your life and your family’s as well.

optimistic (adjective) ~ hopeful and confident about the future.

Motherhood Requires Being Optimistic

When the day is just beginning, most mom’s have a plan or at least an idea of what they’d like to do and what they need to do that day. Sometimes things go as planned, but more often than not something throws a kink in our plans. No matter what may happen moms must be optimistic. Our eyes must be open to see the positive in order to keep the day from spiraling out of control.

Our kids sense what we’re feeling whether or not we’ve said anything out loud. This makes it even more important that we remain optimistic about the need to change plans, the situation we find ourselves in, etc. If we are unable to be positive and optimistic then our children will learn to give in to negativity, fear, worry, etc. Moms are greatly responsible for the direction of our kids emotions because they learn from what they see in us.

Look for Opportunities to be Optimistic

There are so many opportunities in our days to be optimistic and it is important that we begin to actually look for them. Once we begin to look for them, it will become easier to see them without even thinking about it. The result will be less stress and worry and increased joy and productivity.

Try by starting to look at your most difficult situation today. What attribute did you portray throughout the difficulty? Were you stressed? Worried? Peaceful? Now, look at the situation in a different light, what good came out of the situation? Were you able to have a helpful conversation with your children afterwards? Did you imagine worse than what really happened?

Take time each day to look back over the trying moments and look for the ways you were and the times you could have been optimistic. The more you practice looking for these opportunities, the easier it will become in the midst of the difficult times in your days.


All moms want less stress and more joy in their lives. I truly believe that if we would take time to look at things in a more positive light; such as how it can better us or our children, what we can learn together as a family, etc., that we will find our lives filled with more joy and less stress. It will not happen over night, but being optimistic is something we need to pursue. Of course the bonus is that we teach our children by them observing us be optimistic, what a great attribute to pass onto them!




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