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ABC’s of Homeschooling: I is for Inspiration

Welcome to the newest installment of the ABC’s of Homeschooling.  I am so thrilled to have you join us.  Don’t miss out on each of the articles so far.  You can find them HERE

I is for Inspriation

Here we are at the end of another school year.  The days have been long.  The preparations have been intense.  We are tired.  It is time to take a step back and become inspired for next year.

Find inspiration to renew your homeschool journey

Sometimes all we need to become inspired is to take a break.  Stopping what you are doing, having a week or two away from school and becoming refocused can help inspire you to come back renewed and refreshed.  I try to take a break when we are feeling blah about school or our attitudes are just bad.

Go to Pinterest.  If you are not on Pinterest you are missing out!  There are some great things on there that will help inspire you!  You may find new topics to study, new crafts to make or even new curriculum you had no idea was out there.  Be warned to not get stuck in the Pinterest perfection trap.

Chat with friends about their plans for the upcoming school year.  I find great inspiration from my friends when it comes to our school journey.  They can offer a fresh perspective on the things we are doing and how I can change things up for the upcoming school year.

Get a new notebook and start writing down things you want to do the next year.  I find that having a blank space to start over often inspires me to become more creative and break out of our mundane homeschooling box.  I make lists of curriculum we have already and not used and then I figure out how to work that into our studies.

Let your children help you decide on things they want to learn.  You will find that they learn better and are often more compliant when it comes to schooling if they have a bit of say in what they are learning.  Once we stopped all of our work for a week and completed an elephant lapbook at my children’s urging.  It was so fun.  We all learned a lot from that experience.  I learned to stop and smell the metaphorical roses and the children learned about African and Indian elephants.  Win/win!

Take the books, the pencils, and the kids outside!  You will find that just changing your setting can help inspire a new attitude and the fresh air will help everyone.  Maybe ditch the books and do a nature study.  Lay back on a blanket and find shapes in the clouds.  Go to the park and swing.  Yes, mom YOU!

Have a pizza party in the living room floor while watching a movie that you have been wanting to see.  I will do this a few times a year just to break up our routine.  It helps me and the children reconnect and shows them that I enjoy doing the things they enjoy.  Nevermind the fact that it isn’t as easy to get up out of the floor now as it was 10 years ago!  End the party with a lesson that follows the theme of the movie to tie it into your homeschooling if you are worried about it not being as educational as I am.  🙂

The most important thing is to remember that your children are only children for a while.  They days are long and the years are short.  Spend time with them today and be inspired to grow them into productive adults!

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