Welcome to my corner of the web!

Hi! I am Stephanie, a thirty-something, homeschooling mom of two, that married her best friend in 2003. She is the owner and founder of The Multi Taskin’ Mom, Homeschooling on Accident, and Homeschool Printables for Free. My passion for helping homeschooling moms turned this writing hobby into a full-time job. Since 2013, I has devoted her free time to creating homeschool helps, printables, and a so much more.

Where did the name come from?

In 2014 I was writing a completely different blog. I wasn’t happy with the name, the design, or any aspect of it. I knew that it wasn’t “me”. After many hours of back and forth and chatting with several friends, the name The Multi Taskin’ Mom was mentioned. Why? Because I do it all. From image creation to product creation. I can create a website and then the content to go on it! All while homeschooling my children and keeping house. Okay, okay, I don’t keep house, but it sounded good right?!

Graphic design?

That is where I started! Several years ago I hated the idea of touching a computer. Then my cousin prompted me to help her with a few things in her photography business. She started pushing me to do more and more. That lead to me creating logos for some friends. I watched YouTube video after YouTube video and spent more time on Photoshop trial-and-error than I care to admit.

Since then I have developed my own way of doing things and turned that hobby into a fun and successful business.

Aside from the clipart used on the site, I have created most of the graphics! I still cannot create clipart and those cute graphics I put into my curriculum. One day I plan to learn but I haven’t figured out how to add a few more hours into my day!