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7 Tips to Beat Holiday Homeschool Burnout

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Happy Holidays’ Moms!

Here we are smack dab in the middle of the holidays and I don’t know about you but I am feeling the burn.  The homeschool burnout, that is.

All of the excitement of shiny new curriculum has worn off and mundane has set in.  Some days are ended in tears and arguments.  I can’t be alone in this, right?

I have a few ideas to help you through the holiday homeschool burnout and come back ready to hit the books in January.

For now find a bin or box to put your curriculum and workbooks in and set them aside.  I promise it will be waiting on you in a few weeks.

How to beat the burnout:

  • Use Netflix or something similar for school.  
    Netflix has a wide variety of documentaries and educational shows like Magic School Bus.  Your older children can take notes while your younger children draw pictures of what they learn.  That evening have them retell their new-found knowledge with dad or grandparents.
  • Do a unit study on Christmas or learn about another cultures holidays.  
    This can be a great time to introduce your children to the different holiday celebrations throughout the world.

Here are some of our Christmas themed printables you can grab

Be Creative to Beat Burnout:

  • Bake cookies.
    Your children will read the directions = reading.  Then your children measure the ingredients = math.  Next have your children mix and bake = chemistry.  Have your children clean up = life skills.  You are welcome! Should you decide to really make a full schooling day of this find a recipe from another part of the world and learn about the culture = social studies.
  • Make some fun holiday crafts.
    I have a
    Pinterest board full of ideas and inspiration. 
  • Make up a bunch of Christmas cards!
    Then deliver them to the local nursing home.  I 
    guarantee this will warm not only your heart but the heart of the person who gets your card.  
  • Make gifts or ornaments together.  
    You can find some great recipes for lotions, cookies and other mixes in a jar, salt dough ornaments, and so much more all over the online world.  Create something to give others and create memories while you are doing it.  I have some ideas HERE and HERE


School doesn’t have to be conventional all of the time, in fact it shouldn’t be.  Mom, take time off and make memories with your children.

Time is fleeting and you will never get this season back.  It is important to teach not only their minds but also their hearts.  You are no good to them if you are suffering from burn out.

It is okay to step back and try something different for a little while.

The books will be there waiting on you after the holiday rush is through!

Do you have any other ideas to help beat the homeschool burnout?  Share them in the comments below.

Don’t miss these fun printables for the season…

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