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Beating the “Mom Rut”

We all dreamed of being the perfect mom. We would talk to our children every night, we would bake yummy treats together and we would have the type of relationship with our children that we seen others have on television programs. And then motherhood actually happened.

If you are like me you allow yourself to get bogged down with housework, school planning, Church activities and who knows what else. Suddenly motherhood seemed to no longer be something that you are enjoying, instead it becomes more of a job.  We call this the “mom rut”. Getting out of the mom rut is simple really but it means that we ourselves have to be willing to step a bit out of our normal activities.

Beating the Mom Rut

Recently I myself was in a “mom rut”. It was causing me to become very depressed which in turn caused me to slip in all other areas of my life. It wasn’t until I realized what was happening that I was able to actually take an active approach to fix it. The fix was simple….I decided to enjoy my children.

 How does one being simply enjoying their children?

  1. First and foremost you have to begin taking time for yourself. This can be done by stealing moments to take some bubble baths or if it is possible then hey have a night out on the town. The main thing is to get a little time to yourself no work or anything else that requires anything from you.
  2. Instead of sticking to your normal schedule dare to do things differently. Take the kids to the park so you both can simply enjoy the sunshine. Take some paint outside and paint some beautiful masterpieces together. Housework will be there long after the kids leave home.
  3. Share stories with your younger ones about your childhood. Better yet recreate some of those moments with them.
  4. Remind yourself often that they will not be this little for long. Try remembering how you were when you were their age. What would be some things that you would have enjoyed doing? Go do those things.
  5. Take a moment to really make your kids look at you like you have lost your mind. Turn on some music and start and impromptu dance off.

Sometimes as moms we take our roles so seriously that we simply forget that motherhood is not a job it is in fact a blessing. I would love to know what are some things that you do to get out of the “mom rut”.

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