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Homeschooling materials for children of various ages, how-to books for homeschooling parents, and a game just for fun.

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Homeschooling Methods

For new and veteran homeschool families alike this extensive volume from the editors of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine serves as “a homeschool convention in a book.” It details today’s most viable education models, helping parents formulate an educational game plan and choose teaching methodologies. There are more than twenty contributors including Christine Field, Jessica Hulcy, Dr. Raymond Moore, and Dr. Ruth Beechick.

Spanish in 10 Minutes a Day

Designed to be practical in study and application this language series teaches basic conversational skills in a way that is fun, successful, and not time-consuming or expensive. The self-guided nature of these books makes them excellent for homeschooling. The student can use them with or without the assistance of a parent. The books have concise units each focused on one practical area.  Colorful easy-to-use format with 150 sticky word labels, flash cards, and pronunciation guide above every new word.

Learning at Home

In this resource, author Ann Ward has done a great job of providing the essential basics to early learning, combined with many ideas to make learning fun. This complete resource is all the curriculum you need for preschool and kindergarten, two years of homeschooling.

Success with Unit Studies

An overview of Unit Study goals and purposes. Reviews the five R’s of Unit Studies: Research, Reading, Writing, Recording, and Reporting. Perfect for the veteran homeschooler, yet full of insights for newcomers as well.

The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading

By Jessie Wise and Sara Buffington. A plain-English guide to teaching phonics. Every parent can teach reading; no experts need apply!  The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading cuts through the confusion giving parents a simple direct scripted guide to teaching reading — from short vowels to multi-syllable words. The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading is user-friendly, affordable, and easy to follow — supplying you with everything you need to teach reading in one book.

The Thanksgiving Game

3 or more players, ages 7 to adult. Celebrate the holiday with a fun game of sharing. Contents include Thanksgiving Cards, Guessing Sheets, Guessing Sheet Covers, Card Tray, and Instructions. Guess who is thankful for what and get the most points to win.

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