snail facts color and copywork

Snail Facts Color and Copywork

When you add copywork to your homeschooling it can make a boring task a bit more fun! Take a stroll through a garden or a walk around a pond and you will likely find a snail. Combine science, writing, and

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children may planning pack

May Planning Pack for Children

April showers brought with it some May flowers. That was the inspiration for the new May Planning Pack for Children. The adorable flowers and owls make this pack one of the cutest I have created to date.  Print it out

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Bible Journal for Teens: 2 Kings

If there is anything I know about teens or preteens it is that they enjoy having creative things to keep them occupied. Let’s face it, reading the Bible can often be boring and confusing. But what if we offer them

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Newt Facts Color and Copywork

When you talk about pond life, do you think about the Newt? This lizard like amphibian is not only fun to learn about but fun to watch. They wiggle through the water by swishing their little legs and tail. My

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