Recently Bridget was given a Peekapak box to review with one of her preschoolers. Here are their thoughts.

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A Box Full Of Fun ~ Peekapak Review

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Recently I received a Peekapak preschool package in exchange for a honest review. I will be honest when I receive a preschool product I am always a bit skeptical because my preschoolers is a tough customer. However, anything is worth a shot right. Since I have three preschoolers I chose my oldest one because he is my toughest customer and often the one who will put up the biggest fight when it comes to trying new things. When the package arrived I was instantly impressed with the quality of the materials that came packed within. My little guy was impressed with the fact that he had a letter that was just for him from one of the characters that was in the story book.

Recently Bridget was given a Peekapak box to review with one of her preschoolers. Here are their thoughts.

The Peekapak included:

  1. A wooden bird house
  2. A picture frame
  3. Coloring sheet
  4. A story book
  5. 3 wooden puppets
  6. A backdrop for the puppets
  7. Crayons
  8. Scissors
  9. Foam stickers
  10. Alphabet stickers
  11. Playdough
  12. Directions
  13. Teacher guide with questions that would cover several different age levels



The Activities:

The story book was beautifully illustrated and offered several ways in which my little guy could interact with it. From asking questions to seek a response to him to finding objects throughout. The story also taught a life lesson about the importance of learning to work together with friends. My little guy was hooked and talked about the story long after the story was over.


When it came time to do the crafts I instantly fell in love. I did not have to supply anything. Peekapak had thought of everything one would possibly need. The crafts coupled with the story beautifully and allowed even more conversations to take place about what was shared in the lesson book. Of course the crafts game with instructions that were easy to understand and they also had pictures so my little guy to follow along with the reading.


My Thoughts:

Over all my little guy and I loved this product. It was a perfect way for he and I to spend a bit of time together simply making memories together.  However, this is a tad pricey if you are going to be doing this pack for more than one child. With that being said there is a way to make it work with more than one child. Each project targets a different learning time. So it can truly be adapted to fit more that one child into the lesson. Also you can do as I did and chose to use it as a special one on one activity.


I would recommend this product for the busy mom. The mom who really does not have time to run around reading books, coming up with crafts to match the story they chose and really does not have time to run to the story to pick up art supplies. I also recommend it for the mom who simply wants to have fun with their child without the headache of a huge mess since clean up to all of 5 mins.


I think as you can tell the little guy and I had a blast.



Peekapak Review


Until Next Time Just Keep Soaring 4 Him,


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