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Life is funny.  You can pray and pray for something and the answer comes completely out of left field.  That is what happened to me.

I have been praying for God to show me what to do to list my VA services as well as my homeschool blog and design services.

Last night, while chatting with a friend, the answer was clear.  It was as if God yelled at me.  She called me The Multi Takin’ Mom.  That was it!  That was when I knew it was time for me to move forward with this.  I have always said that I am just walking the path that He lays in front of me.  I am very excited to be starting this new path.

Don’t worry, the same things you have grown to love about Where He Leads, We Follow will keep on keepin’ on.  Each Wednesday we will still have the Inspired Wednesday Link up and each Thursday I will help co-host the Hearts For Home Blog Hop.  I plan to bring the Feature Friday back too!

I look forward to seeing what God does with this site.


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Stephanie is a thirty-something, homeschooling mom of two, that married her best friend in 2003. She is the owner and founder of The Multi Taskin’ Mom, Homeschooling on Accident, and Homeschool Printables for Free. Her passion for helping homeschooling moms turned her writing hobby into a full-time job. Since 2013, she has devoted her free time to creating homeschool helps, printables, and a character curriculum: My Character Matters.

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