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Butterfly Life Cycle

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As spring approaches we start to look for signs of new life. One of the most exciting things to see is a butterfly. But how do butterflies go from a caterpillar to a butterfly? Your children will find out with this new pack that goes through the butterfly life cycle.

Did you know that a butterflies life cycle goes through four stages?

Each stage of the life cycle has a specific use for growing it into the beautiful flying insect we all love to look for on flowers.

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly in a nut shell…

Butterflies start their life cycle as an egg that is laid on a leaf.

They hatch and turn into a caterpillar that spends much of their time eating leaves and growing! This is typically the same type of leaves where their eggs were laid.

Then they spin themselves a cocoon where they complete their metamorphic transformation.

Your children will have a blast learning about the life cycle of a butterfly with this pack.

With  pages to work through, your child will have hours of fun learning.

Who is this pack for:

This pack is perfect for children ages 3+. Keep in mind younger children may need more help than older children.

This pack includes:

  • 8 Black and white pages full of life cycle fun
  • Cut and Paste activities
  • Mini book
  • Games

To use this pack, just print off the pages you wish your child to complete. Assemble as directed on the page. Use the pieces together to complete the games. Cut out the puzzle pieces as directed and laminate them for longevity, if you desire.

Books I recommend for learning about the life cycle of a butterfly:

Things I recommend for the Life Cycle of a Butterfly Pack:

  • Card Stock – Printing on card stock allows you to laminate the pages keeping the fun going for years to come!
  • Laminator – Laminating the pages keeps them durable and strong.
  • Laminating Pouches – Use these with the laminator for durability.
  • Dry Erase Markers – These are perfect for using on laminated sheets. They wipe right off!

Grab your pack today!

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