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Delicious Barley Lentil Soup

Chilly Canadian winters find me hunkering down and filling my home with the comforting smells of hot, nourishing soups. This barley lentil soup is a family favorite – so popular, in fact, that one of my daughters has asked for it for

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My Prayer Journal

When it comes to prayer I have a very hard time focusing.  I start praying then I either fall asleep or end up going down a rabbit trail.  Do you ever find yourself in that position? I want to help!

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Super Easy Ranch Pasta Salad

Need a quick summertime side dish? With just a few ingredients, you can whip up this Super Easy Ranch Pasta Salad! I like to serve it alongside barbecue, fried chicken, or even a deli sandwich. If I make it early

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Simple Vegetarian Pesto Pasta

This pesto pasta recipe is perfect for fussy eaters, busy moms, and everyone in between! Our family followed a vegan diet for a while and this recipe was one of our favorite go-to dinners. Even if you’re not vegan, having

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