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King Cobra Facts Color and Copywork

The King Cobra is a seriously horrifying animal that slithers about Asia. These snakes, while bone chilling, are very fascinating. Out of all of God’s creatures, the snake is the one that I cannot tollerate at all. Just the thought

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Our New Favorite Curricula

The brand new school year is well under way in our homeschool! This is the first year that the kids and I have looked forward to Monday mornings in a very long time. You see, we have started a brand

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Pangolin Facts Color and Copywork

Our virtual tour of Asian Animals is teaching us about a brand new to me animal, the Pangolin. The Pangolin is an odd looking animal, with an off-putting appearance. This very unusual animal is covered in scales, has no teeth

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Solar System Prek Fun Pack

The Solar System is a vast and unknown place. If your children are like mine they are fascinated by it! Even when my children were much younger they wanted to know about the world and space around them. Your youngest

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The Sun Facts Color and Copywork

Let’s take our virtual tour of Solar System to the center of the Universe – the Sun! The sun is the brightest, biggest start in the universe. While it is turning and burning, it is heating our earth and helping

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