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Helping a Homeschool Mom’s Heart

Being a mother demands that each day we find ways to serve others.  We wear many, many different hats.  You can find us cooking, cleaning, and if you are like me, homeschooling.  Often times the tasks we take on leave

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Motherhood Can Be Messy

Motherhood is hard. No matter what stage you are in – it is hard. Being up all night rocking babies and going on little sleep – that is hard. Chasing a toddler around with their endless energy- that is hard!

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The Fatherless Daughter

Growing up without a father in my home I always felt that I wasn’t enough.  My dad chose to live his life without me and my siblings being a part of it.  We would see him a few times through

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More Than Words

I sat down to create a quick printable pack for a blog I contribute to.  Little did I know that God had other plans for me.  Once I got started I hit a road block. I asked a friend to

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Homeschooling When Mom is Sick

When I started homeschooling our children, some 5 years ago, I didn’t take into account that I would get sick. It should have been in the forefront of my mind since I am chronically ill, but it wasn’t something I

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Teaching Kids About Love

Teaching kids about love is one of the most important things we can do as parents. We live in a society that is changing what love means – love does not mean conformity, love does not mean not standing for

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