A Season of Division in Motherhood

When my children were younger they thought I had all the answers. When they are younger they are almost certain that their mother is some kind of miracle worker that is unstoppable. Then one day we put them to bed and they wake up realizing that we are flawed and

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FREE Wintertime Chore Charts for Children

I recently shared with you an easy way to help your children help YOU keep your home in order, with the FREE Wintertime Kid’s Organization and Cleaning Checklist.  I decided that it would be a good idea to take that a step further and create a matching chore chart so

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Balancing Motherhood

Motherhood. Some days, it feels like a balancing act. I imagine I am a trapeze walker, carefully trying to make it from the first post (my morning), to that next spot of rest. Yet, while I walk, it feels like people are placing plates on my bar, and I am

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Confessions of a Planner Addict

2016 is here.  It is rearing it’s somewhat ugly head and making itself known.  We are already near a week in and I am stressed!  My plate is full and my many hats are falling off.  It is hard to know where and what I am to be doing.  I

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My Prayer Journal

When it comes to prayer I have a very hard time focusing.  I start praying then I either fall asleep or end up going down a rabbit trail.  Do you ever find yourself in that position? I want to help! I have worked to create a tool that can help

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The Multi Taskin’ Mom Planning Kit 2016

This week we wrap up the year 2015 and start a brand new chapter: 2016.  If you are like me you are already stressed out about how you are going to get things done and stay on top of life. 2015 was crazy for me and our family!  I found

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Creating Contentment in the Motherhood Journey

Motherhood is a crazy adventure. You have it all planned out in your mind the type of mother you are going to be the whole time you are pregnant. You promise yourself that you will never yell, never overreact, they will only eat the healthiest of meals and they will

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How to Start a Family Tradition

Family Traditions are something that are passed down from parent to child. It is something familiar that a family may do every birthday, certain holidays, or the same time every year. Some of our family traditions are breakfast for dinner every Sunday, putting up the tree the day after Thanksgiving,

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Teen and Tween Gift Ideas

This holiday season make sure you are giving the gifts that your teens and tween really want.  I am here to help you get your shopping done quickly and easily.  Best part?  You don’t even have to leave home! Welcome back to A Christmas Survival Guide for Busy Moms!  If

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This free December Planning Calendar will help motivate you to get your month scheduled and in order before it even gets here! :: www.themultitaskinmom.com

December Planning Calendar

Christmas is the busiest time of the year.  We all know that the hustle and bustle can create havoc.  I want to help you with that! Welcome back to A Christmas Survival Guide for Busy Moms!  If you are just now tuning in you can catch up with here HERE.

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Holiday Program Guide

Christmas programming is probably my favorite of the entire year.  I love binge watching  movies and all of my childhood classics. Sometimes though it is hard to keep up with what is coming on the tv and when. Welcome back to A Christmas Survival Guide for Busy Moms!  If you

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Welcome to A Christmas Survival Guide for Busy Moms

First let me say that I realize that it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet.  Let me explain why I am running this series in November.  If you are like me you like to have your house ready and decorated the day after Thanksgiving.  That means that you are plotting and planning

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Mommy Blues

*Sigh* It is that time of year. The time when I get the blues. The time I feel like I need to cling to my older two children tight. Summer days have come to an end, and for those of us that have public school children – they are back to

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