Confessions of a Mom Who Forgot How to have Fun

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Welcome moms!

I am betting you are here because you are a lot like me and realized that you are not the fun mom anymore. I want to help you with some of the wisdom I have gained over the years…

“MOM!  You never play with me anymore!!” my son said with huge tears in his eyes.

It is true.  I haven’t taken the time to play with my children in a long, long time.  Work time takes up far more of my days that I ever care to admit.  My days so full of duties, lists, and plans that I have long forgotten what it meant to have fun.

I wake up with just enough time to dress and get the kids started on their school work before I have to start on my work chores.  And I am really not okay with that.

Now that I know that my priorities are not in line with my heart I have to make some changes.  Big changes. You’ve already made the biggest change ever just by knowing that you need to make some changes in your life to have fun with your children. The most important thing we can do is spend time with our children.

Confessions of the Mom Who Forgot How to Have Fun and What I am Doing to Change That and So Can You

What it boils down to is that my priorities are not at all in line with my heart.  Some where along the line I forgot that I need to have blank space in my day to just be mom.  I need to have a time to enjoy my children and show them that they still “have” me.  I feel terrible that I have forgotten that.

Bear in mind that I am a work-from-home, homeschooling mom.  That means that my children have direct access to me 24/7.  While I am available to them all day long I cannot (and will not) be their constant entertainment.

Let me help you learn to be a fun mom again!

Today I am going to give you 6 easy tips to help us both become fun moms again. These tips go further than taking a walk or doing group yoga.  I want to really help you be fun again.

Don’t worry mom! We are in this together!

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Learn to have fun again

Learning to have fun is not something that is just going to come naturally. In fact, I am betting that it is going to take both of us some serious time and commitment.  While it may be hard to navigate these deep waters it will be totally worth it. After all it is much easier to build up a child than to fix a broken adult.  I worry that often times we moms really overthink this issue and put more pressure on ourselves than we should.

Ready? Let’s get to this!

How I am learning to be a fun mom again PLUS a freebie for subscribers

1. Set work hours

This is the area I struggle with the most.  I spend so much of my day working that I don’t leave time for my children.  That must stop.  I am my own boss!  I don’t need to okay my hours with anyone else.  Therefore I must be sure that I am setting a schedule that allows adequate time with my children each and every day.

My work hours are now before my children wake up and then again after lunch and when we have finished school.  If I need extra time to work I will wait until my children in bed.  This gives us time in the evenings to be with my children and have fun with them!

If you don’t work from home but homeschool you also know the importance of setting hours during the day that you work on getting your children’s lessons together and school them.

If you work outside of the home you already have your work hours set! That is awesome. Keep reading, I have other tips you don’t want to miss.

2. Schedule time

This may seem ridiculous to some but if you are a serious planner, like me, you know that you have to have your time accounted for each day.  That means that I may have to schedule time into my day to be intentional about having fun with my children.  It may be something as simple as writing down on Monday that I want to take some time away with my children to watch a movie on Netflix or on Wednesday we are going to take the entire afternoon to play Monopoly.

While this seems like an over simplified idea, let’s be real for a minute. When  you schedule an appointment with your doctor or dentist you make sure that you are there, on time, and ready to be the best you can. So make sure that when you sit down to plan out your week you ensure that you have scheduled time to be with your children doing something fun!

3. Don’t over think it

Children can have fun with a cardboard box which gives way to reason that you do not have to have some elaborate scheme plotted to guarantee your children have fun.

  • Pop some pop corn and turn on a movie.
  • Grab a board game and set a timer for an hour.
  • Find a good book and hop into your bed and read.
  • Break out the Legos and build with your children.
  • COLOR!  Who doesn’t enjoy that?
  • Ask them what they would like to do.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Run through the sprinklers. (But not if it is cold outside!!)
  • Throw a blanket on the living room floor and have a picnic lunch.
  • Crank up some music and dance around the house! Exercise and fun!

Make sure you grab your bucket list printable at the end of this list!

4. Set a timer

If you are like me you cannot spend your entire day at the whims of your children!  That means that you are going to have to find balance and teach your children boundaries.

One way that I am learning to be intentional with my time is to set a timer.  The timer also is a great way to get you off the hook once the time you have alloted up.  The sound of the buzzer tells your children that the time you have set aside for your fun activity is now over.

One hour is a good amount of time to spend in a game or activity with your children, just having fun.

Setting this time aside each day while you work is a great way to show your children that you do value them and their attention.

5. Be intentional

Your time is valuable and if you work from home your time is money.  That is money that is likely putting groceries on the table.  So, make sure that you are spending the hours in your day well.  That means that when you are spending time with your children make each minute count. When you are with them be right with them and present in the activities you have chosen to complete while having fun with them.

6. Most importantly!

Be there!  At the end of the day the thing that your children want is just a bit of your attention.  They don’t care how much money you have spent on the activity or where you are going to take them.

Also, don’t take yourself so seriously! I promise your children don’t. Just throwing on some fun music and dancing in your living room is enough to have a blast with your children! (P.S. it is also free!!!)

If your children are younger than 5 please, please, spend much more of your day with them than you do working.  They aren’t as able to occupy themselves.  My children are 8 and 10.  They are big enough that they do not (and should not) depend on me for everything.  They know that mommy works from home.  I am here and available.  While I cannot always be “fun” I am here.  I pray that in the long run they know that I am doing my best!

How do you have fun with your children?

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