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Confessions of a Mom who is Addicted to Social Media

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Hello, My name is Stephanie and I am a social media addict.  You too? Oh good!

Let’s face it… we are living in a high tech world.  If you aren’t on a social media network, good for you, but I am betting that 99.99999% of you just got here by way of Pinterest or Facebook.  Am I right?  No, it’s okay, I get it.  You see, I am addicted to social media.

Really, addicted.


I bought my first smart phone just so that I could have Facebook anywhere and everywhere I went.  That was over 6 years ago. SIX, for over six years!!


Facebook is my drug social media outlet of choice.  It is the one thing I check each and every day, many many many many times a day.  When I know I have a looming deadline I have to turn Facebook completely off so I am not distracted.  I am not sure of the appeal of Facebook.  It could be that I am nosey, or it could be that I just like feeling “in the loop” either way I am always on there.  It is sad, sad I tell you!!!

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Then came Pinterest.  Oh my… Pinterest.  What isn’t to love?  You have every craft, recipe, DIY, or self-help article right at your fingertips.  All you have to do is just search and bam you have just what you need.  It is like magic.  Maybe that is part of the appeal?  The instant gratification that you get just from searching and having what you want within seconds.  Oh, and the visual appeal of it.  I love being able to see all of the pretty pictures my fellow bloggers have listed.  I can, and have, scrolled for hours and hours pinning.  If you follow me, and you really should be, you will know just how true that is.

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Then there is Twitter… I don’t get it.  There, I said it.  The Twitter idea is just completely lost on me.  It goes so quickly and my self-diagnosed ADD self just cannot keep up.  After finding something that I feel is interesting, it seems to just vanish into thin air as if it were never there.  I do have a Twitter account and try to fake it, but don’t go there looking for me to make any huge impact.

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I am limiting myself to those social media platforms.  I am sure there are others but, who has the time?

I wish I could tell you that I was devising a plan to wean myself from this addiction, but nope.  I am sitting here going back and forth from this page to Facebook.

So, now that I have confessed all of this to you I want to know… are you addicted to any social media outlets?

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