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Confessions of an Ink Pen Hoarder

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I have been told on more than one occasion that I should seek a ’12 Step Program’ for my love of pens.  I am not sure why people say such mean and hurtful things.  😉

My love of all things office supply started at the highschool level.  I attended public school so mechanical colored pencils were about as crazy as I could get with writing instruments.  I had a stash of gel pens, glitter pens, and other random pens at home.  Fast forward a few (not many! HA!) years and you can step into my office and find a few different pens, just like back then.

Now, don’t go asking my husband about the amount of pens I have.  He loves to exaggerate. He is a fisherman after all.  Let me explain my pen hoarding to you.

Confessions of an Ink Pen Hoarder and how I use my collection of pens

First of all, I love to doodle, draw, take notes, and write things down.  I have always been a pen and paper kinda gal. While I love technology, my google cal and notes app just doesn’t do it for me.  I need the rhythmic feeling of the instrument on the paper as it glides across.  I love the instant gratification of a nice line from an ink pen.  I know that sounds weird to some but I promise you, there are more out there just like me.

That brings me to this, I am also a pen snob.  Don’t think that just because it has a filament inside with a tip that ink flows from that I will want to bring it home and place it on my desk.  That just isn’t true.  A cheap dollar store pen, while it serves its intended purpose, does not make it on the list of pens I love.  So what does?

The Type of Ink Pen I love

Tis true, not all pens are created equal.  I also do not use all pens the same.  I have different pens for different purposes.  More on that in a bit.  One of the most important things I look for when purchasing a new pen is reviews.  I look at what my friends are using and how they use them.  I look at Amazon and read the reviews others have left.  Does the pen leave drag marks?  Does it skip when writing?  Does the ink come out evenly?  How does the pen feel in the hand when writing.  All of that is important to me in the different ways I will use the pen.

How I use the Pen I Choose

As I said before, I have different pens for different purposes.  You have read that I have many notebooks and many planners.  Well, with each of those comes a different pen.  Why?  a.) because I can b.) because some pens just write better on different papers than others.  I use pens for writing but also for organizing.  I am able to color code my planners and notes so that I can see at a glance what is coming up without having to read the details.  For a visual person this is awesome!!

  • Erin Condren Planner: In my EC I use 2 different pens consistently.
    • Steadtler: I choose these for this paper because they have a felt tip that write smoothly and doesn’t skip.  I use the vertical layout of the planner so having a very fine tip is important when writing in the space allotted.
    • Frixion Colored Pencils: Don’t let the name fool you.  These are not pencils but are gel ink pens that erase!  When I say that they erase I mean that they erase cleanly.  They aren’t the same erasable pens from the 90’s.  I like to use these because plans change.  I am able to write in things that are tentative and move them should I need to.
  • ARC by Staples: In my ARC notebooks I use the same pens mentioned above, Steadtler and Frixion, but I also like to use Papermate Flair Pens.  I like to use them because the lines are a bit thicker, the color is a bit bolder, and they fit nicely in my hand.  In these notebooks I have more room to write so having a fine tip isn’t as important to me.
  • Sticky Notes: ANYTHING!  Seriously, I just grab up a pen in front of me and use it.  Since I am fairly picky about my pens you can deduce that I am fairly picky about my sticky notes as well.  I am a bit OCD when it comes to choosing color combos with the sticky pads, though.  I guess that is the only thing that I choose.  i.e. I don’t use a red pen on a red sticky.  😉

The Ink Pens I Recommend:

  • Steadtler – My go-to permanent ink pen choice.
  • Frixion Colored Pencils – My go-to erasable ink pen choice.
  • Frixion Retractable Pens
  • Papermate Flair
  • TUL Retractable – These are what I use for all legal documents and where a ball point is important.
  • Pilot G2 – I keep these tucked around the house for times I need a dependable pen that I don’t mind loosing.
  • Maped – I like these pens and use them here and there.
  • Pilot Razor Point – I love the bold color of these pens.  The ink is more liquid and sometimes I get more than I bargained for when writing but I do love the look of the ink.
  • Slicci .25 – These are just for fun.  The colors are beautiful and the lines are super thin.  I like these in my planner now and then.
  • Erin Condren Markers – I bought these because they are fun colors, in a portable case, and cute.  I don’t use them very often but enjoy using them when I do.

There you have it!  There are the pens that are on my desk and in my purse 24/7.  When they run out I will replace them with the exact same thing.  I am constantly buying new pens and trying them for various projects.  Chances are if you made it to the end of this post, you too may have been told you need a ’12 Step Program’ the truth is that there are worse things we can be spending our money on!!

Tell me, what is your choice of ink pen?  Do you use any of the above mentioned pens?

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