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Confessions of The Mom Whose Children Will Not Stop Fighting

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Oh. My. Word.

If I have to tell my children to stop it one more time my head may very well explode.

It has been a long winter.  We have been stuck inside of the house most of the last few weeks because of the bitter cold and snow.  That leads to cabin fever, which in turn leads to restless children.

My two have been at each others throats for days.  The bickering has been almost non-stop.

Confessions of the mom whose children will not stop fighting and what she does about it

Today, I was at the end of my rope.  I yelled, I pleaded, and I took away privileges.  I thought I won!  YES!  Score one for mom, right?  10 minutes later here it went again…

“you are the worst brother ever”

“all you do is boss me around”

“why do you always have to follow me”

In a moment of desperation I called them both to my desk where I was working.  I didn’t say a word other than – sit.

So, here we are, the three of us, sitting in my office as I write.  They discovered the Big Book of Animals book on a shelf and started reading about the animals to each other.  I am able to write and the fighting has stopped, for now.

I am sure this evening things will go back to the way they have been much of the morning, week, month… but for now I am reveling in the sheer fact that they are speaking kindly to one another.

Until then here are some things we have done when the fighting starts to help stop it:

  • Yelling – Yep, I yell.  I am not proud of it but at times it is the only way to make it stop!
  • Crying – Yeah, I have cried with my children on more than one occasion… turns out when they see me crying it helps end whatever spat they are having and they come to comfort me!
  • Lock the bathroom door – Who me?
  • Call their dad and let him sort it out – When I call in reinforcements they know it is bad.
  • Send them to Gamma! – After all, she raised me and I turned out fine… right?

All kidding aside, I haven’t found much of anything that works.  Kids just tend to get on each others nerves when they are around each other all of the time.  That doesn’t mean that it is okay to let them fight, and it doesn’t mean you should listen to it.  What it means is that it is the nature of the beast and you have to find a way to handle it, and them, with grace.  If nothing try bribery!

I think I am going to break out the parenting books again and see if I can glean some knowledge from those!

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