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Are you looking for ways to create a peaceful environment in your home? Then we just may be able to help.

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Creating A Peaceful Environment

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I am a huge believer in the philosophy that as women we set the tone and mood of the home. Does this makes me a popular person? Nope. Does this mean that my house is always in a great mood? Nope. However what I have learned is that those around me feed off of the energy that I give out. So here is how we have a somewhat peaceful environment.

Are you looking for ways to create a peaceful environment in your home? Then we just may be able to help.

  • Hang outside interferences out into the back of your mind.  As women we are fixers. We want to make everything better for our friends and our extended family members. The problem is that we also have our own personal family who needs our attention as well. This causes us to feel like we are juggling the world all alone. If at all possible try to simply focus on your family. The ones that God has places completely in your care. I am always telling friends that family is first all other things are second. As time allows it then it is ok to go back and tackle some of those outside situations. However, do your best to get your focus on your family as much as you can when they are around. This will keep the kids from getting into mischief and the hubby from getting frustrated because he misses his wife.
  • Allow yourself time to breathe. Being a mom is hard. It doesn’t matter if you are a work at home mom, a stay at home mom, a homschooling mom or a work outside the home mom. Your job is hard. In order for us to maintain a positive attitude we must have a little break. Now if you are like me you are wondering where in the world are you suppose to get squeeze a break in but it is possible. Try delegating chores to the children, instating a quiet reading time, sneak in a hot bath after the kids go to bed or even convince the hubby that he should take the kids to the park for a couple hours. No matter what you do make sure you are getting time to refuel.
  • Try setting the tone of your home with music. Start playing some calming music when the day is getting to be to much. Allow the soothing tone to comfort you and actually help you get back to some sort of calm in your own mind. Once you start feeling calm others may join in and if not at least you will be in a better mindset to deal with it.
  • Remember to live in the moment. To often we try to plan our whole day out. While I firmly believe in making a list and trying to get that list completed, I also think that sometimes we get so caught up in those lists that we get stressed out. A stressed out momma is a momma who is doomed for defeat. I have never heard anyone say “I got so stressed that everything got done and the kids had a great day”. Allow wiggle room in your lists. Don’t be afraid to say no to somethings. Instead of seeing how much we can get done why not try to strive for how many memories can you make that day. Looking back on my childhood I don’t remember how clean our house was but I do remember little memories that were made. When we take time to make those memories our kids actually will listen a bit better because they are getting all of our attention.
  • Find something that smells wonderful and use it all over the house. Some like to burn candles, some like wall plugins and I myself like to defuse my essential oils. Certain fragrances in our homes can actually set the mode for peace and tranquility.
  • Clearing clutter can release stress. Maybe you don’t have time to de-clutter the whole house. Focus on the flat surfaces that you can see first and de-clutter the rest as you can. We are visual people. If our environment looks a bit crazy then surprise that is what is going to happen to ourselves as well.


The fact is that we can achieve the goal of a peaceful environment but it will take a bit of work. I would love to hear some of the ways that you create a sense of peace in your home.






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