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Creating Contentment in the Motherhood Journey

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Motherhood is a crazy adventure. You have it all planned out in your mind the type of mother you are going to be the whole time you are pregnant. You promise yourself that you will never yell, never overreact, they will only eat the healthiest of meals and they will always know just how important they are to you. Then you become a mom and all those expectations shatter. Before you know it your children are eating frozen pizzas, you are stress and sometimes even yell, you find yourself overreacting over the small things and there are days that you even wonder do they truly know that they are your world.

Creating Contentment in the Motherhood Journey

Recently, I was feeling really down in the dumps about my not so great parenting skills. That was until my oldest and I sat down and started watching youtube videos. As we began laughing at my old school music preferences and the little ones began showing me all their brand new dance moves we all were able to enjoy each others company. There was no stress, no arguing among the children taking place and there were no tears.

Creating Contentment in the Motherhood Journey

Now, this moment with my children did not get their schoolwork done, it didn’t get their room clean and it really did not help with getting my long list done. What it did do was provide us all with a bit of contentment. We were able to push aside the expectations of the day and instead began enjoying the day. Walking away from our impromptu dance session I was reminded of a three things.

  1. Yes, our children need structure but they also need silly and spontaneous moments.
  2. My children need to see my fun side as much as I need to show my fun side.
  3. Having things all scheduled and mapped out is great but sometimes we need to be willing to clear the schedule.
  4. Our work lists will always be here. Our children will not always be under the same roof.
  5. Building memories is a sure fire way to create contentment in a day.

That night as I put my children to bed and began chiseling away at my long list I had a smile on my face. Not because I was staying up extra late but because they went to bed knowing that though I may not have it all together it doesn’t mean that they are the center of my world.

Momma, don’t allow your schedules and lists bog you down to the point you are at wits end. Take moments to let your hair down and be a little crazy. The messes will be there when you are done I promise. We only have one shot at creating memories with our little ones and with each passing day we are losing some of that time. With each of those passing days, we can decide how our children will, in fact, remember us. I for one want mine to remember the mom who was never too busy to spend a little time with them.


Until Next Time Just Keep Soaring 4 Him,


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