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Dear Over-worked, Over-Tired, Ready to Quit, Mom

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The days are long.  For some of you, the nights are longer.  You are cranky.  The kids are cranky.

The house is wrecked.  No, don’t hire a maid.

Everyone needs sleep.  You are so ready for the baby to sleep through the night.

I hear ya.

I have some really good advice for you!

Dear Over-worked, Over-Tired, Ready to Quit, Mom


For real!  Go to bed early.  8 o’clock if you must.  Leave the dishes in the sink and go sleep.  I promise you the dishes will still be there tomorrow.  (unless you have my cleaning fairy, and if you do, I desperately need her back!)


This is not the same as going to bed!  Really.  Take the evening to just do nothing.  Order pizza, eat it on the couch, in your P.J.’s, watching Sponge Bob.  Trust me!  Having a jammies pic-nic for supper while watching a movie with your littles is a great way to energize and connect.  Win/Win

Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks!

Too worried that someone is going to drop by unannounced, so you have to keep your house spotless?  Let me tell you something… if your friend shows up at your house without calling first, she isn’t your friend!!  I am kidding!  (Kind of)  Seriously, who does that?  With the age of cell phones there is no reason for someone to just drop in.  Cut yourself and your house some slack, and don’t worry with it.  If it is a true friend they won’t mid at all that last nights dinner dishes are in the sink and the living room needs to be vacuumed.

This is a season!

Que the music: To every season turn, turn turn…. YES!  This is a season.  You won’t be in this rut for long.  Soon, all too soon, you are going to miss the crumbs on the couch, the sleepless nights, and the smudges on the glass on the front door.  — See how I stopped at the toddler years?  I am stuck with pre-teens… I am keeping the “This is a season” as my mantra right now!!

Yell if you must…

I don’t know about you but I am so tired of blogs making mom’s feel ‘less than’ because sometimes they yell.  Let me tell you a secret… sometimes I yell.  If I didn’t I would explode and it would be far worse than yelling.  (This is me not worrying about what everyone else thinks!)

Cry if you must…

Long day?  Cry it off.  Crying is good for you.  It is a therapeutic release.  I don’t have clinical data to back it up, but I do have personal experience and that wins!

Bottom line?

It is okay to feel the way you do!  Your feelings are totally justified right now.  Life is hard.  Being a mom is hard.  Take some time for you.  Paint your toes, take a long shower or a hot bath.  Go read a good book.  It is perfectly fine to not be entertaining your children 24/7.  In fact I encourage it.  They may end up being able to think for themselves, a characteristic that is lacking in much of our youth today.

You are amazing!  You are a wonderful mom!  Tomorrow is a new day!  I am praying for you!

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