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Fairy Tale Love vs. Real Life Love

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As little girls we have the fairy tale love story in mind always and that’s what we grow up believing love really should look like. We dream of princes riding up on white horses and us riding off together in the sunset. No matter what difficulty may come our way we believe that love will hold our marriage together, that nothing can tear us apart because love is enough.

The problem is that we forget two little words, fairy tale, and instead we cling tightly to the other two words, love story. When we forget the fairy tale part of that phrase, we set ourselves up to be disappointed in love and in marriage. A fairy tale is defined as, “a children’s story about magical and imaginary beings and lands” . Simply put, they aren’t true.

Fairy Tale Love vs Real Life Love which is your love story?

Fairy tale love stories leave out important facts of life. That is why they are perfect. Life is full of highs and lows, difficulties that we’d never imagine facing and heartbreak that we never thought possible. These are the things we don’t see in fairy tale love stories.

Fairy tale loves stories set us up for heartache. Sadly, we don’t even realize until it is too late. We spend countless years waiting for an impossible romance to make our dreams of love come true because of fairy tale love stories.

Fairy tale love stories always have happy endings. Which is why we love them. Unfortunately not every real life love story has a happy ending.

Fairy tale love stories miss the most important parts about love. This is what we learn when we let go of our dreams for a fairy tale love and embrace real life love that is standing before us. We discover that our little girl ideas of romance missed out on the depth of love that we’ve now found in real life.

Real life love stories are a part of every day of our lives. This is a fact which we know from the start. We know that we have ups and downs, difficulties and joys, real life love is there through it all.

Real life love stories can carry us through heartache. That is the truth. It can be the strength that you need to make it through many heartaches you’ll face in life.

Real life love stories can bring us heartbreak. It is sad, but true. Each one of us is human and we are given the gift of choice, but we do not always choose wisely or well. We need to acknowledge that heartbreak is possible, no matter how strong we believe our love for each other is.

Real life love stories are full of depth that fairy tales cannot duplicate. THIS IS the beauty of love in real life. We have the ability to experience the power of prayer, grace, forgiveness and so much more!

Fairy tale love stories are fun and can inspire us to continue pursuing our love in real life, but we cannot base real life love on what we’ve learned through fairy tales. If we try to do so, we’re robbing ourselves of the love that God designed for us!

How have fairy tale love stories impacted your life?

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