Sometimes finding family time can be hard. Even though it is hard don't give up. Instead just get creative.

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Finding Family Time

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With the New Year approaching everyone is thinking about goals that they wish to accomplish. We have all read the research that suggests all the great things that come from your family spending time together. Just a few benefits of families spending time together are: a greater emotional bond to each other, less behavioral problems in the children, and less chance of drug abuse as those kids get older. I realize that even with all of these great reasons to have family time, still it is sometimes hard to find time during the week to spend together.One of our goals for last year was to make sure we were spending more time together as a family. But spending time together is hard as life gets busier and busier.


My sons decided that it would be fun to have “Family Fun Friday” every week. We rotated the family member that would choose a movie or game, the main course of a meal, and a fun snack. That worked great for a while; and then my husband started broadcasting high school football games for the radio on Friday nights. So we had to postpone our Family Fun Fridays.
My children then decided that we should move our Family Fun Friday to Thursday and call it “Thrilling Thursday.” This plan worked for a few months—until soccer started. We were gone most Thursday nights, so Thrilling Thursday stopped for a while.
Then we decided to change our family time from nights to mornings. We call them “Super Saturday Mornings.” I make a big breakfast and we watch a movie together and/or play games on Saturday mornings.
Even when we don’t have much time during the week, we still try to take an hour at night to watch a program such as The Andy Griffith Show or Leave it to Beaver and have a snack. We follow it with a fun read-a-loud and Bible Devotional. This usually takes about an hour and it is nice to get that daily time to be together as a family. Even when we don’t have a full hour at night we always fit in a short devotional and prayer.Having this special time together seems to draw us closer as a family. It is nice to know that even when times get really busy, at some point during the week we will be able to slow down and be together.

Sometimes you have to be very creative, but it is worth it to find that time during the week to spend together as a family.
What are some creative ways that your family has found to spend time together when life gets busy?

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