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Finding Yourself Again As Your Kids Grow Older

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I’ve been a mother for almost half my life. Motherhood is who I am, without little blessings in my home I don’t know who I will be. Yet, I know that I must begin preparing now because otherwise the silence will be deafening.

Finding Yourself Again As Your Kids Grow Older - By Misty Leask for The Multi Taskin Mom

More often than not these days I find myself asking, how does one being the journey of finding yourself again as their kids grow older? While, I’m sure I don’t have all the answers, I am striving to take little steps each day. Steps to prepare myself for the day when my kids will be grown and on their own. I believe it is especially important to balance how we’re taking these steps, while also embracing the “little” blessings in my home today. So, please don’t take on all these steps at once and do them all every day. Some of them may not be the right steps for you to take, these are simply what works for me right now. Take time to pray and seek God’s direction should you join me on this journey.

As mothers, we must ensure that we don’t miss the moments of today while preparing for the future of tomorrow. <– Click here to share me.

  • Read more

I take time every day to read my Bible and a book that I enjoy. Reading God’s word begins my day on the right foot and reading a book for enjoyment relaxes me before bed.

  • Keep my husband as my priority

I can’t rely on motherhood to keep me happy and busy, I must ensure that I’m continuing to build my relationship with my husband first. After all, he is who I will spend the rest of my life with once our children are grown.

Motherhood is who I am, without little blessings in my home I don’t know who I will be. <– Click to let other moms know they aren’t alone!

  • Chat with my besties often

I must have time with my besties now because if I don’t, then I will find myself not only with an empty nest but also lonely. God has blessed me with some amazing besties that pray, cry and laugh with me. They understand me and walk the journey of motherhood alongside me and I’m so thankful for them.

  • Pursue my passions

I love to write. I love to create. I have to TAKE TIME to be who God made me, to pursue the passions He gave me. This is who I am. This step is what I believe to be the biggest part of finding yourself again as your kids grow older. 

  • Live today

The future will come as God wills, but I must be careful that I enjoy each day of my motherhood journey. It really does pass quicker than I ever expected it would, even though I was warned that it did. So often I find myself wondering, where did my babies go?


Moms, there will be hard days…days when motherhood makes you cry…days when you long for some “mommy time“… But every second that passes by is another fleeting moment. One more moment of your motherhood journey has passed by. How many more do you have left? How much will you long for them to return when your little ones have grown?

Take small steps when your little ones are half grown. Begin the journey to finding yourself again one small step at a time, holding tight to the “little” blessings you have in your home today.


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