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{Free} Printable File Folder Game: Snowy Addition

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Who Loves File Folder Games?

File folder games are a really fun way to practice drilling important skills.  And I don’t know about you, but learning addition facts and learning to be quick at estimating are two skills I make sure I drill with my kids a LOT.

I’m excited to share this fun game with you today, from Little Learning Lovies.  It’s from our line of “Boxable” games that print in their own folders.  I designed these games this way because I was tired of plain manila folders (and didn’t want to spend a ton on the colored ones, or even worse… the pretty patterned ones!) and I really wanted to present the games in a fun way that the kids would be drawn to.  Oh, and I wanted to save time and money!  After a few weeks of playing around with the design, I created these games that print on just 2 sheets of card stock, become their own folder (WITH an attached pocket on the back to hold the game pieces!) and they take less time to assemble than they do to play.

Oh… And these are called “Boxables” because the handily fit ever-so-neatly into the printable boxes we have available at the LLL store.  Yes.  Really.  You print the pieces on card stock and assemble it … In about 15 minutes you have a beautiful box to hold about 15 of our Boxable Games!  🙂

Time for the FREE GAME!

Today’s free game is designed to practice two skills: Addition and estimating.

The folder for Snowy Addition has two game mats: One for facts that add up to equal or less than 10 and facts that add up to equal more than 10.  Children who are very comfortable with the facts that add to 10 should be able to look at the fact quickly and decide which mat it should sort to even without actually finding the answer to the addition question.  For example, if you know that 7+3 is 10, then you’ll know that 7 plus anything greater than 3 will end up being greater than 10.  Cool, huh?

If your kids aren’t comfortable working with that idea, they can always add and see what the answer is before sorting.

Ready to play?

First, you’ll need to download the file.  It’s a PDF so you’ll just need to make sure you’ve got the free Adobe PDF Reader.

>>>Download: Snowy Addition: Boxable Game FREE<<<

There.  You have it all saved to your computer now, right?  Great!

Here’s how to put it together.  It won’t take more than a couple of minutes.  I promise!


Step 1: Print pages 2-5 double sided.  This is SUPER simple if you have a duplexing printer.  If not, you’ll need to feed the two pages through twice.  Just print page 2 and 4 first.  Then insert those pages back into the printer according to your printers instructions (how to orient the paper in the machine is different with each printer!) and then print pages 3 and 5.

Step 2:  Cut all the pieces out.  I’m all for saving time with this kind of thing, so I work hard to design things that are simple to cut out.  This shouldn’t take too long.

Step 3: On the “Back” piece of the game, there’s a game piece pocket.  Fold that up.  There are instructions right on that piece to explain what you need to do.

Step 4: On the “Front” piece of the game, fold the white tab.  This is where you’ll be opening and closing the folder later.

Step 5: Put some glue on the white part of that tab you just folded… Attach it to the “back” of the game.

Step 6: Put some glue on the tabs to hold the game piece pocket in place.

I recommend putting this whole thing under a heavy book for about 10 minutes.  Then you can pop the game pieces into the pocket and start having some fun with addition!  (If you don’t have a glue stick for gluing, you can use double sided tape!)

I hope you ENJOY!

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