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Have you ever thought it would be fun to have your very own pet monkey?  While I can’t give you a monkey I can give you some facts about the Capuchin!

Monkey’s are one of those animals that we all enjoy looking at from a far and dream of maybe owning one day.  They look cute, cuddly, and adorable.  But what about their lives in the wild?  Are they really all that they look like on the screen from our living rooms?  Today I am going to share with you 10 facts about the Capuchin in this fun and easy to use copywork pack.

Capuchin Copywork is fun for any grade

Want to learn about the Capuchin?

This week I want to share with you some fun copywork based around an animal that my children have been talking about recently, the Capuchin. These animals are small, adorable, and loved by the masses.

How to use this pack

This pack includes:

  • 10 Full color pages with facts about the Capuchin
  • 10 Black and white pages with facts about the Capuchin
  • 1 Color page lined
  • 1 Black and white page lined
  • 1 fully lined page

The idea of using this kind of pack is that your children are practicing many different skills while learning about an adorable animal. You choose to print off the color or the black and white version. Then present the pack to your child. They copy the fact on the page including capitalization and punctuation. This is practicing handwriting, spelling, grammar, and hand eye coordination.

Grab your pack today!

Capuchin Copywork is fun for any grade and available now

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