Fun Writing Prompts for January

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January is just a few days away.

What better time to start new handwriting theme than with the month.

I want my children to spend more time working on their writing skills. Finding a way to get them writing is hard.

They want to write without their work being picked apart. It is also important that their writing not be boring.

That is why I decided that this year I would work on some monthly writing prompts with fun themes for my children to use.

When our children are inspired to write it makes it fun and something they will enjoy.

Using the January Writing Prompts

I think it is important that you allow your children some freedom and creativity with their writing. Make this writing time less structured and limited.

Some ideas for this would be:

  • not having a grade for these assignments
  • no word limit for each prompt
  • do not push for perfection

You want your children to enjoy their time writing and not feel like this has to be perfect.

Who is this for?

Grades K-6 could use this pack. It includes manuscript and standard lines for writing.

This pack includes:

  • 15 Full color pages with manuscript lines
  • 15 Full color pages with standard lines
  • 1 fully manuscript lined page
  • 1 fully standard lined page

The idea of using this kind of pack is that your children are practicing their writing skills while having fun. You can use the pack with 1 prompt a day for 3 weeks or you can spread them out and do a few a week to fill out the entire month of January.

No matter how you decide to work this pack into your month do it! Your children will have so much fun writing!

Grab your pack today!

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