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George W Bush Facts – Color and Copywork

George W. Bush is the next in our presidential color and copywork series.

Learning about these presidents is such a great way of connecting our past to our present and teaching that to our children.

These packs only contain small chunks of information your children need to know about the presidents included in them.  They are the perfect jumping point for our children to begin learning.

George Bush was elected president, for his second term, in my first ever presidential election.  I remember going to the polls to cast my vote.  It was such an epic time in my life.  Voting is something that I make a point to do each and every election.  It is an honor as a United States citizen to be able to cast my vote for whomever I feel is best to lead our country.  While it isn’t a popular thing to discuss or debate, and I will not do that here, it is our civic duty.

It is important that we teach our children all about the way our nation was shaped.  When we take the time to explain and teach about the great men and women who got us to where we are, we lay a foundation of respect for this nation.

I wanted to take the time out of the loudness of the recent election and our new president.  This lent a good time to teach my children about the presidents of our past.

We are moving on to our 43rd president: George W Bush

This color and copywork pack is perfect for all ages.  It includes handwriting practice, coloring, and fact learning.  It is a winning combination that is sure to occupy your children for a long while.

In this pack you will find:

  • 10 Quick facts about George W Bush
  • Full color copywork with manuscript lines
  • Lined copywork in full color
  • Black and white illustrated copywork with manuscript lines
  • Lined copywork with black and white illustrations
  • Coloring page of George W Bush

This pack is for:

This pack is perfect for children in 1st grade and up.  The manuscript lines work as guides for your younger learners while the regular lines are perfect for those who have better spacial judgement.

Get yours now!

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