Find out how you can do Homeschool Home-Ec with Harlows Harvest

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Homeschool Home-Ec with Harlow’s Harvest

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Homeschooling, homemaking, parenting, and working from home makes for one super busy day. When I think of adding on just one. more. thing. overwhelm and panic set it. My son loves being in the kitchen but adding another lesson to our homeschool home-ec routine, seems almost impossible. Enter Harlow’s Harvest monthly cooking kits!

Before we get any further. . . I was sent this monthly box and compensated for a full review. Any opinions stated in the review are my own, because I am not a mind reader! You can read our full disclosure here.

Make sure to keep reading for a promo code to get a free box with purchase and to enter to win!

Find out how you can do Homeschool Home-Ec with Harlows Harvest

What is homeschool home-ec?

Home-ec, or homeschool economics is just another way of teaching your children the basic skills of keeping and caring for your home and family. If you take a look around at some adults these days, you will notice this is a subject that is no longer being taught, at least not well. It is important for me that my children grow up to be able to take care of themselves, their families, and their homes. That goes far beyond just being able to scramble and egg or scrub a toilet. 

Basics I want my children to know for taking care of themselves, their families and their homes:

  • Be learn how to plan meals and budget for them!3
  • To be able to spring clean an entire room.
  • Also, I want them to be able to balance their checkbook and read a credit card statement.
  • and so much more!

With all of those things in mind, I wanted something more in a monthly subscription box than just a recipe or ingredients. I wanted to enhance our homeschool home-ec experience. 

I was thrilled when Harlow’s Harvest reached out to me to team up! 

Harlow’s Harvest turns a monthly subscription box into a multi-subject learning adventure, for ages 4-15! While the focus is on cooking, your children get a science lesson, geography bits, easy to use tools, and so much more! This is the perfect addition to any busy homeschool mom’s lesson plans.

What you find in each monthly kit subscription:

  • Monthly cooking kits
  • A new kitchen tool each month designed for young chefs
  • Monthly collectible pins for their aprons (too fun and cute!)
  • Budgeting pages 
  • Monthly science project (STEM! YAY!)
  • 3 laminated recipe cards – perfect to keep safe from spills at any age!

Recipe Cards

The recipes included in each box are not kiddie recipes, oh no! They are super fun, hands-on, recipes for ages 4-15! We are prepping to make the chocolate chip biscotti as soon as life settles enough to really get into the kitchen! My 13 year old is super excited that she can manage the recipe mostly on her own.

Each recipe card includes vibrantly colored ingredient and tools lists. The steps are all listed with images that make it super easy to follow. A super bonus is that the recipe cards include fun facts, lessons, and bits of information that make this more than home-ec! Isn’t that lovely?

Find out how you can do Homeschool Home-Ec with Harlows Harvest

Science Project

Each month you receive a fun science project card in your box. Ours was for chocolate sensory dough. YUM! It is taste-safe so it is perfect for all ages. The other side had instructions on dancing pasta. We haven’t gotten to that one yet but I know it will be loads of fun. I have seen other boxes include how to grow your own avocado, and others. Fun, right? It is included at no extra cost!

Find out how you can do Homeschool Home-Ec with Harlows Harvest


The tools included in the box are matched perfectly with the included recipe. We received a pizza cutter to go with our “Smiley Face Pizza” recipe. The shape and size of the tool is important. It is small enough that little hands can use it but not so small that adults feel like a giant!

You will find a card included in the box with information about the tool you received. It will list the use of the item along with fun facts, and other information.


The budgeting and shopping list card included is a life saver! Seriously! Sit down with your children and go over each ingredient on the shopping list side. You can check off the items you have on hand and plan to purchase the ones you don’t. Next, flip over the card and fill out the budget section for each ingredient you need to purchase (hello sneaky math!) from the grocery store.

The Chef’s Academy card is probably one of my favorite parts! This card allows you to choose the skill you want your child to work on and develop the most over the month. Things from kitchen safety to agriculture and history. You really can make an entire unit out of this one awesome box!

Find out how you can do Homeschool Home-Ec with Harlows Harvest

About Harlow’s Harvest

Harlow’s Harvest was developed out of need! A family’s 7 year old had a passion for cooking but little was out there to help her develop the basic skills, in a child-friendly way.

Harlow’s Harvest is a way for school-age children to pick up practical skills for a healthy kitchen – even if they don’t share Harlow’s love for broccoli!

Get it for yourself!

You can subscribe to these amazingly well thought out boxes from 3 different options. There is one for each budget! Check them out HERE.

All of our readers will receive 1 free box when they purchase a 6 or 12-month subscription!! Just use the promo code: TG20

Learn more here!

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Your homeschool home-ec class just got simpler! The Harlow's Harvest subscription box is the perfect add-on for your homeschool journey.

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